No makeup, no life!? Japanese attitude when it comes to makeup. The latest lineups for this coming winter!!

  • Japanese women are generally considered to be very beautiful. A lot is attributed to good skin care, therefore the ‘secret’ beauty products hold the key to a natural look.

    Beauty is important, but many people forget omit or simply forget using makeup.
    Abroad, the excessive use of makeup is generally frowned upon. But talking about Asia, you might have seen those extreme before and after makeup pictures or videos especially from Asian countries, Japan being one of the countries where previously unattractive ladies turn into beauty miracles, having their eyes and face shape almost magically transformed.

    The idea behind Japanese beauty is different, though. It is not those few girls, who ‘change identities’ when putting their makeup on. It is about the daily use of makeup, where Japanese women cover blemishes and accent their natural beauty.

    Winter Christmas Coffret Sets 2018

    Now winter is just around the corner. In the Christmas season, purchasing Christmas Coffret sets as gifts for friends or yourself is getting more and more popular, especially here in Japan.

    First of all , what does Coffret mean?

    Coffret is originally a french word which can be translated as a small jewelry box. From 2015, the word ‘Christmas Coffret’ has been ranking pretty high in the search engine results.
    What’s more, one of the Japanese hotels Hilton Tokyo Odaiba is now holding a Christmas sweets buffet inspired by the Girl’s Christmas coffret until the end of this year.

    Hilton Tokyo Odaiba Website

    From Channel, Lancome to SK II, every beauty company has disclosed their latest line-ups for the 2018 Christmas ! Here are some top notch Japanese high brands you should never miss

    B.A Lotion Precious Collection from POLA

    B.A Lotion Precious Collection from POLA

    Pola is an award-winning Japanese cosmetics house, renowned for its advanced skincare, cosmetics and highest quality products. From long-term B.A series, the basic skin care items and the upcoming eye zone cream come with an original porch.

    For more details: Pola Website*Japanese Only

    White Love Story Collection from JILL STUART

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    今年のJILLSTUARTクリスマスコフレ速報🎄✨  2018年11月2日発売のJILLSTUART ホワイトラブストーリー コレクション。 7,500円(税抜)  スノードームのようなポーチ、フェイスパウダー、アイシャドウ、マスカラ、リップグロスがセットになっています👀💕   フェイスパウダーは、しっとりとしたお粉でベージュ、ライトパープル、ライトブルー、ピンク、ホワイトカラー✨  アイシャドウは、6色パレットでシルバー、ゴールド、ホワイト、ピンク、ブラウン✨  マスカラは、ブラックなんだけど真っ黒なブラックというよりも光にあたると柔らかいブラウンにも見えるようなカラーです!  そしてリップグロスは、ラメがたっぷり😍 ピンク、レッド、シルバー、ブルーの細かいラメがキラキラ入っててイルミネーションをイメージしたピンクなんだそう😏💕  近いうちにYouTubeでもご紹介したいと思います〜( ◜௰◝ )  ☆━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━☆ * #コスメ#新作コスメ #コスメ紹介 #コスメ好きさんと繋がりたい #メイク好きさんと繋がりたい #コスメ好き #コスメ大好き #JILLSTUART #ジルスチュアート #ジル #クリスマスコフレ #ホワイトラブストーリーコレクション #2018クリスマスコフレ #クリスマスコフレ速報 #クリスマスコフレ2018 #限定コスメ

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    JILL STUART is an original brand from KOSE, also well known for its brand ‘Sekkisei(雪肌精)’. The package is designed with an image of the snowy winter urban landscape filled with love stories; every item has ‘a secret heart’ on them. With its snowy crystal floral fragrance, giving off a pleasant sweet scent , you`ll feel like a princess!

    For more details:

    Jill Stuart Website*Japanese Only

    Japanese attitude when it comes to beauty. Background

    In Japan, it is sometimes considered rude to work without wearing any makeup. Many Japanese people believe that first impressions are very important, and not wearing makeup can be seen as lazy. Japanese women have to wear makeup when going on job hunts. However, Japanese people won’t really think you’re lazy just because you have a bare face, especially if you’re a foreigner as cultures are different.
    It definitely isn’t. But women have the possibility to use makeup while men don`t.
    Allow me to tell you… there are quite a few men who are jealous of it. Not that they can not use makeup, but more for not having the possibility to cover up a pimple, especially if it’s on the top of your nose,same goes for dark circles.
    So, in Japan, if you have a way to cover up your tired face, but choose not to use it, some may consider it rude, especially when you’re at work ; it can be seen as neglecting your appearance since you are dealing with customers. It is similar with not taking care of a bad hair day, using the excuse that“ this is how the hair wants to be naturally”.