Gokon: A Japanese Way of Blind Dating

  • Are you looking for love or in need of a partner? Do you like meeting new people? No need to despair. If you’re living in Japan, then this might be the solution for you!

    What is “Gokon”?

    “Gokon” is a Japanese organized group dating. It comes from the words “godo,” which means “mixed,” and “konpa,” which means an informal group meeting. This is a drinking party where men and women meet for the first time. It typically starts from either a man or a woman who organizes the event and then starts inviting other persons to join the group. Clueless as to who they’ll be meeting, the invited individuals will then prepare for the said schedule of the event. That’s why it has been termed as “blind dating.” Everyone involve has the hope of finding or forming a romantic relationship in the end.

    What Happens During Gokon?

    Once inside the party, men and women will be typically sitting opposite to each other in a
    group. As the conversation flows, some will probably find another opposite sex attractive. Once they both liked each other, at the end of the night, they can actually hitch off. Some may probably be exchanging their mobile numbers, addresses, and other personal information while others may get disappointed of not being able to find the right one.

    Some Advantages and Drawbacks to Consider


    Gokon may be a fun and friendly meeting, but one has to be careful sometimes, especially the women. Remember, always compose yourself and never drink too much. Be alert for danger signs. Some may have found true love in this event and others may have had traumatic experiences. This kind of dating may be best for the very young and active person who finds it safer and easier to go on a date with the protection of some friends.

    Easy Come Easy Go


    As the saying goes, “easy come, easy go.” This might not really be the most natural way of finding the right one as it is a bit speedy. Some newly formed romantic relationships in gokon may fade away in the glimpse of an eye. It is still best to keenly know the person of interest to you.
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