Umi no Hi: Marine Day Celebrations in Japan

  • Sea Day or Marine Day in Japan is a public national holiday also known as “Umi no Hi”. It commemorates a long time history regarding Japan’s maritime economic situation. It dates back to the Meiji Era wherein the Meiji Emperor took a voyage through Tohoku region and ended it by returning to Yokohama.

    What is the Celebration For?

    Japan, as an island nation, has always been bountiful with natural resources coming from the sea. This has also provided the country with food and has aided in trading and international relationships. As a way of being grateful for this, every 3rd Monday of July, the country celebrates the memory through different activities connected to the sea.


    “Umi no Hi” is the first summer holiday in Japan. Activities ventured by people are connected with the summer season as well. As expected, people would usually flock to the sea to enjoy the summer breeze, swimming, scuba diving, chatting, eating summery foods and the like.

    Lanterns by the Sea

    One of the most looked-forward-to events is the lighting of the lanterns at the beachfront in Odaiba which is located in Tokyo. Hundreds of people usually participate in it. The lanterns create a dreamland of cinematic light which covers the entire place. What an amazing night view! If you live or are staying in Japan, you should give this a try.

    Fireworks Display

    The event will never be complete without the fireworks display at night. It is held in the port of Yokohama where the Meiji Emperor ended his journey. Who wouldn’t want to end the night with this view?

    Mud-Ball Throwing

    I’ve also come to learn that they also have this mud-throwing event wherein people throw balls of mud into the sea as a way of cleaning it. It is not just an ordinary mud ball. It has some chemicals in it which clean the sea from slime. Probably, this is also a way of thanking the sea. What a great way to celebrate this special day in Japan!

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