6 Museums Worth Visiting When in Hakone Area

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  • Hakone, an area close to the mount Fuji less than 100 km from Tokyo has been famous as a tourist spot because of its natural beauty. Hakone hot springs and lake Ashi are the most popular destinations for the visitors. But actually, besides natural beauty there are many interesting museums around this area. These art museums exhibit many extraordinary masterpieces and artworks. What are they?

    1. Pola Museum of Art

    Pola museum of art was opened in 2002 by POLA group, the beauty product company. This museum was built in the middle of the forest among 300 trees. It features many artworks such as paintings, ceramics, and sculptures by European and Japanese artists.

    Pola Museum of Art

    2. The Hakone Open-Air Museum

    An amazing museum that aims to harmonize nature and arts by exhibiting artworks in the open air. However, the indoor space exhibition is also available in this museum. Valley and mountains surrounding this museum make the atmosphere amazing.

    The Hakone Open-Air Museum

    3. Okada Museum of Art


    This new museum was opened for public in 2013. This museum has various collections of paintings, ceramics, scrolls of China, Korea and Japan by Kazuo Okada. This nice museum has five floors of exhibitions. There is a foot bath to relax your legs outside the museum.

    Okada Museum of Art *Automatic translation

    4. Hakone Venetian Glass Museum

    This museum displays about 100 pieces of Venetian glassware. The products and accessories were imported from Venice. Considering its beauty and extraordinary artworks, this museum is simply the one that you can miss.
    Hakone Venetian Glass Museum

    5. Tamamura Toyoo Life Art Museum

    This museum exhibits the artworks of Toyoo Tamamura, an essayist, painter and vintner. One thing that makes this museum more interesting is the special italian pizza cafe where you can enjoy the beautiful view of lake Ashi from.
    Tamamura Toyoo Life Art Museum *Automatic translation

    6. Narukawa Art Museum

    The museum has a number of collections of Japanese paintings that embody Japanese culture. Since 2010, this museum also exhibits a permanent collection of China’s hidden treasures. There are around 4000 pieces in this museum. The museum stands on the small hill with the best view of Hakone.
    Narukawa Art Museum