The Wonders of Tokyo Station: a short guide

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  • Tokyo Station is not just a station. It has become another city which now timelessly fascinates all the people from travellers to businessmen, wide range of customers without boundaries. Known as the only “station-city” in the world, it carries history, culture, tradition, art, science, and modern technology. Celebrating the 100th anniversary this year, Tokyo Station is bringing out the best of the progress through the years.


    On your first visit to Tokyo station, you might find it a little bit vexing and complicated to get used to and to navigate smoothly, but you will always find signs and information that will help you understand where to go better. Before you look for anything, you might want to stop at the Tokyo City Tourist information center at Tokyo station – Marunouchi exit -KITTE / JP Tower B1F. They have variety of useful free maps and brochures, tourist cafe, business information, and event space. They are open daily from 8am to 8pm. They could help you make accommodation reservations, they sell tickets for tourist sites, and much more.

    Once you stop here, you might discover new places you want to visit and plan on a new route for the day, or just simply figure out the most effective way of getting to your already planned destination.

    Now that you got the idea that Tokyo Station has shopping lanes all over the underground, you will see many souvenir shops where you can find the right gift to bring back home. Getting food is not a problem there, but the hard part is choosing a place. Restaurants usually serve lunches between 11:00 to 15:00 but it all depends on each restaurant.

    Being a station so huge, it is best to figure out where exactly you are and decide your destination first before you start going around and getting lost.


    Apart from the underground shopping district, the new shopping mall called KITTE, which originally was the old Tokyo Central Post Office back in the days, is eye-catching. The old building is now partly renovated, and was partly reformed in 2013- It’s a marriage between old history and modern materialism which makes the place very eccentric.

    Down at the Marunouchi side of the station, there is a Tokyo Station Gallery where you can explore the exhibits related to railways, architecture, and design. The station theme is red bricks, and inside the gallery you will find a shop where you can get themed products as a souvenir.

    元祖『駅の美術館』、東京ステーションギャラリーで『くまのもの 隈研吾とささやく物質、かたる物質』2度目の鑑賞でした。 前回来館時は学生無料ウイーク+週末という事で激混みでしたが、今日も相当人が入ってました。しかも今日は老若男女幅広い客層でしたが、唯一少なかったのが、どこの美術館でも必ずいる「うるさいオバサン(または婆さん)グループ。これが実にありがたかったですね。 いやあ、改めて思いましたよ、「なんでオバサン(または婆さん)は2人以上集まるとうるさくなるのか?」って(^◇^;) それはさておき、じっくり見てたら全然時間が足りませんでした。 2時間以上の鑑賞時間をとって、もう1回来ようかなぁ・・・。建築一辺倒ではなくて素材にスポットを当て、それをどう建築に活かすかというところが面白いですね。 #東京ステーションギャラリー #tokyostationgallery #隈研吾 #kengokuma #くまのもの隈研吾とささやく物質かたる物質 #くまのもの

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    I suppose now you got a glimpse of how big the city station has become.

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