When in doubt, TRUST Daiso!

  • Living in Japan can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. I quickly learned that ダイソー or Daiso is the one stop for shopping for literally all your needs.



    Daiso is located in most, if not all major cities, in various areas. Most cities have more than one. They are usually easy to find and is the one place you can find almost anything.

    For children

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    Daiso 2

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    Daiso not only has items and little nick knacks for children but daily items that they would need. Taking care of Children can be expensive but Daiso can help with that. Looking for toys or things to keep the children occupied? Having a children’s party and need some child-friendly games? Roaming the aisles of the one and only Daiso you are bound to find something.

    Household items

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    Do you need items for the house? No problem, Daiso has you covered with an assortment of items-utensils, cups, plates or baking goods, patio stuff, plants, pots for anything, pillows, rugs, curtains- you name it they have it! Furnishing your place on a budget can look very chic with the items Daiso has to offer. Add your personal touch to your space with their vibrant color scheme.

    Everyday items

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    Daiso 6

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    Or are you looking for daily items? Don’t worry they have it all under one roof. Whether you are looking to organize your space, save money or feeling the need to redecorate, Daiso is the place. The good thing about Daiso is that all the prices are reasonable so you won’t end up spending an arm and a leg to furnish your home, office, personal space, or even if you are picking up a few items.


    Daiso 7

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    Speaking of office space, the stationary items are limitless, with isles and isles of books, paper, calendars, white boards, and so much more! If you can’t find what you are looking for the staff will be happy to help.

    For pets

    Daiso 9

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    They also have pet supplies for cats, dogs, and fish. But pet supplies don’t stop there, they have all kinds of cages and toys for all sorts of animals.


    Daiso 10

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    Running a bit late? Need a snack? They also have things to munch on, so if you are in need of a little something sweet at a reasonable price, check Daiso first!
    Happy shopping!!!
    Daiso Website
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