CREMIA: The Extremely Popular Soft-Serve Ice Cream in Japan You Have to Try!

  • Ice cream is, to many, one of the great pleasures in life! There are so many tempting varieties and flavors all over the world, and it is popular almost everywhere (perhaps excluding very cold countries)!

    In Japan, ice cream is extremely popular. Despite not being a traditional dessert or snack in Japan, you can now find numerous varieties in convenience stores and have lots of flavors to choose from. You can find more western-style flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and praline. You can also try flavors which are quite unique to Japan such as green tea, matcha, red bean, and peach. You should definitely give these a try as they are really tasty!

    You may have noticed that many shopping malls and stores now feature a great looking and heavenly tasting ice cream called ‘Cremia’. I have seen it on posters and every time I glimpse it my sweet tooth calls out for it. This article will tell you all you need to know about this exceptional ice cream, and the best place to try it!

    What is Cremia?

    Cremia is a wonderful and great-tasting type of soft-serve ice cream which has taken Japan by storm in recent years! The idea behind this ice cream is that it should be fresh, delicious, and widely available.

    Nissei, the creators of this ice-cream, wanted people to be able to enjoy high-quality ice cream at affordable prices, and it seems they have definitely achieved this. You can find cremia ice cream in many stores in Japan now, although the best place to sample it is at Silkream Cafe in Shibuya, which is Cremia’s original shop.

    The Ice Cream

    Most soft-serve ice cream you can buy (in Japan and many other countries), tends to be made with around 8% milk fat. The rest of the ingredients are a mix of flavors, syrups, sugars and other fillers.

    Cremia ice cream consists of 12.5% milk fat, and you can really taste the difference and the creamy texture. The milk is also high quality, coming from carefully chosen cows in farms in Hokkaido. Hokkaido is a part of Japan famed for its fresh and great-tasting dairy products.

    Cremia also contains 25% fresh whipped cream, giving it a great texture and a wonderfully rich flavor. Ok, it might not be the healthiest food in the world, but if you’re going to have ice cream, you might as well get the good stuff!

    The Cone


    One big difference between regular soft serve ice cream and the Cremia ice cream is the quality and taste of the cone. For me, the cone is just as important as the ice cream, and can make or break it! No-one likes a soggy cone with ice cream dripping through it.

    Many of the regular convenience stores ice creams, particularly in Japan, are made with wafer cones. These are cheaper to make but don’t hold ice cream very well, particularly on a hot day.

    Cremia is held in a cone made of langue de chat (thin and hardened cookie), a radical change from regular ice cream in Japan but a great difference. The langue de chat is delicate and tasty, and is twisted into a perfect cone shape before being baked. It is simply amazing, and makes for a wonderful ice cream!

    Cremia at the Silkream Cafe

    Silkream Cafe is a wonderful cafe in Shibuya which is the original cafe of Cremia, although you can find the original Cremia ice cream is many different places now. However, if you want the full indulgence experience, you should definitely try to head down to Silkream Cafe.

    The design of this cafe is based on Scandinavian architecture and housing, and has the goal of creating a warm, relaxing, and laid back place to go with friends or by yourself. It has a living room, dining and terrace areas, and a homely feel to it.

    There are many things to eat and drink at this cafe, all if them great, and of course you can get the original Cremia soft serve ice cream if you wish. However, Silkream is much more than just an ice cream parlor, and they have many other dishes and desserts to enjoy!

    The Menu at Silkream Cafe

    Whether you want a luxurious dessert, a quiet coffee, or a savory snack or meal, Silkream has a great variety of dishes and desserts for you to try. All of them are fresh and delicious! Here are a few examples:


    The cafe has many types of delicious Dolci, using only the freshest ingredients!

    Rose Parfait (the ice cream part is Cremia of course!)

    Mango & Passion Fruit Parfait

    Fondant Chocolat (made from amazing Belgium chocolate)


    Silkream also has a great selection of delicately made crepes. Crepes are extrenely popular in Japan, and you can find them in many places. For a truly delicious one, try one of these!

    Mascarpone Cheese and Espresso Crepe

    Banana & Chopped Cacao Crepe

    Hokkaido Cream Cheese and Blueberry Crepe

    Strawberry & Mascarpone Cream Crepe

    Alongside these indulgent treats, Silkream also has a range of pasta dishes, salads, alcoholic beverages and hot drinks to enjoy!

    If you are ever in Shibuya and fancy a treat or a great lunch, head to Silkream and indulge! The fantastic Cremia ice cream is popular for good reason. It’s fresh, affordable, widely available, and consistently satisfying!

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