CREMIA: The Famous Soft-Serve Ice Cream You Have to Try in Japan!

  • Ice cream is, to many, one of the greatest pleasures in Life! So many tempting varieties exist all over the world, and wherever the country your are in, Ice cream is widely adopted by the majority.

    In Japan, ice cream is extremely popular. Despite not being a traditional dessert or snack, you can now find numerous varieties in convenience stores and have lots of flavors to pick from. You can find western-style flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and praline. But you could also try flavors quite unique to Japan such as green tea, matcha, red bean, and peach. You should definitely give these a try as they are really tasty!

    You may have noticed many shopping malls and stores now feature a great looking and heavenly tasting ice cream called ‘Cremia’. This article will tell you all you need to know about this exceptional ice cream, and the best place to try it!

    What is Cremia?

    Cremia is a wonderful and delightful type of soft-serve ice cream which has taken Japan by storm those recent years! The main idea behind this ice cream? Fresh, delicious, and widely available.

    Nissei, the creators of this ice-cream, wanted people to be able to enjoy high-quality ice cream at affordable prices. And it seems they have definitely fulfilled their mission. You can find Cremia ice cream in many stores in Japan now, although the best place to sample it is at Silkream Cafe in Shibuya, which is Cremia’s original shop.

    The Ice Cream

    Most soft-serve ice creams you can buy (in Japan and many other countries), tend to be made with around 8% milk fat. The rest of the ingredients are a mix of flavors, syrups, sugars and other fillers. Cremia ice cream consists of 12.5% milk fat, and you can really taste the difference with its creamy texture. The milk is also high quality, coming from carefully chosen cows in farms in Hokkaido. Hokkaido is the northernmost of the main islands of Japan, famed for its fresh high-quality dairy products.

    Cremia also contains 25% of fresh whipped cream, giving it a great texture and a wonderfully rich flavor. I agree, it might not be the healthiest food in the world, but if you are going for an ice cream, definitely go for this one.

    The Cone

    One big difference between regular soft serve ice cream and the Cremia ice cream is the quality and taste of the cone. For me, the cone is just as important as the ice cream, and can make or break it! No-one likes a soggy cone with ice cream dripping through it.

    Many of the regular convenience store ice creams, particularly in Japan, are made with wafer cones. Cheaper to make but do not hold ice cream very well, particularly on a hot day.

    Cremia is held in a cone made of langue de chat, thin and crispy cookie which literally means “tongue of cat” in French. A radical change, and not least, from regular ice creams in Japan. The langue de chat is delicate and tasty, and is twisted into a perfect cone shape before being baked. It is simply amazing, and perfect for a wonderful ice cream!

    Cremia at the Silkream Cafe

    Silkream Cafe is a wonderful cafe in Shibuya which is the original cafe of Cremia. Although you can find the original Cremia ice cream in many different places now, if you want the true experience, you should definitely try to head down to Silkream Cafe.

    The design of this cafe is based on Scandinavian architecture, and has the goal of creating a warm, relaxing, and laid back place to go with friends or by yourself. It has a living room, dining and terrace areas, and a homely feel to it.

    There are many things to eat and drink at this place, obviously including the original Cremia soft serve ice cream. However, Silkream Cafe is much more than just an ice cream parlor, and they have many other dishes and desserts to enjoy!