Have a Break, Have a KitKat −in a Jar!

  • Japan is an innovative country. Every now and then, they surprise people with their cool and creative ideas. From technologies and such, down to some inventions of personal stuff, they really meet the expectations.

    Everyone knew that Japan has a variety of vending machines. Name it, most likely they have it. Who would’ve thought that even clothes and bananas are sold in those vending machines?! Heh. However, let’s just talk about goodies. Nowadays, Kitkats are a real phenomenon in Japan. There are new flavors and packaging styles coming out on every corner. Lately, another out of the box idea was added up, kitkats in a vending machine — well KitKats sold in vending machines are not that surprising, but wait, what? KitKat in a jar? Now we’re talking.

    Since the vending machines are specifically made for beverages, the “KitKat Jar” was designed to be sold from the beverage vending machines. The size of the jar is the same as the 12 oz./350 ml. can of soda. The bars are packed in a glass jar with a plastic lid that can pop on and off easily. Inside the jar are 4 individually wrapped KitKat minibars. The KitKat jar costs ¥200 (around $1.80) each.

    I haven’t seen KitKat jars in the vending machines yet, but it’s surprisingly famous among my friends. They said that they have seen and bought it at Kinkakuji, the Temple of the Golden Pavilion, in Kyoto Prefecture. Well, it is really nice to take a break while sight-seeing at the vicinity of Kyoto. There’s nothing to quench about if you are munching a KitKat while enjoying your Kinkakuji trip.
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