Harajuku Fashion Walk: a must-see for fashion lovers

  • Harajuku is the street fashion centre of Japan, offering rows upon rows of kitsch boutiques, resale shops and crepe stalls! If you want to experience Japanese fashion then Harajuku is definitely top of the list of places to visit. A visit can be a really unique experience, from exiting Western styled station to the beginning the walk down Takeshita dori, the main shopping alley of Harajuku. If you visit on any day, especially the weekend, you might catch sight of some individually dressed young Japanese, in a mix of styles from decora to lolita. However, if you really want to see a lot of fashion then going to see Harajuku fashion walk is a must. If you also like to dress individually you can even join in!




    Harajuku Fashion Walk was set up and is still organised by Junnyan, a familiar face around Harajuku and among Japanese street fashion. If you stay up to date on the latest trends and social aspects then he will not be a stranger to you. Not only is Junnyan a fashion staple he also sets up music and social events in the area and plays in a band! Now Junnyan is also becoming international, and has done a fashion walk in America and also in Singapore. Japanese fashion is certainly taking over the globe! There is even a fashion walk scheduled in Israel for July 2015.

    How to attend?


    Originally, Harajuku Fashion Walk was only running every other month, so you had to be lucky to be visiting at the right time. However due to it’s growing popularity and increasing attendance the walks are currently done each month, but obviously this is subject to change at any time. To keep up to date you can visit their twitter feed, although in Japanese, the dates are easy to read to tell when the next walk will be;

    • 7/26(日) 14:00〜 原宿ファッションウォーク #34
    • 8/23(日) 14:00〜 原宿ファッションウォーク #35

    To exhibit your own fashion or to witness the impressive fashion of Japan go to a Harajuku Fashion Walk, do not worry if you are non-Japanese, more and more international participators are welcomed each time.

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