How to Prepare for a Day at the Beach in Japan

  • HOW TO
  • Being famous for huge skyscrapers, neon lights in the city and Mt.Fuji, only few people think of Japan as a country where you could have a beach vacation. The Japanese archipelago offers a lot of possibilities to escape the heat of the city. Once you decided on where to go, make sure to get your check list ready!

    1. The essentials

    When it comes to what to bring, there are basically two kinds of people: the minimalist and those who bring their whole home. Try to aim for something in-between, and do definitely not forget sunscreen, a towel, money and if you plan on going swimming: swim-wear! Those who have a pale complexion might want to bring a parasol. Aim for high UV protection, especially if you tend to burn rather than tan. Re-apply every hour and you will be able to enjoy the beach. Oh, and do not forget to bring a hat!

    2. Timing

    During noon the sun is the strongest, therefore damaging your skin the most. Try to avoid those hours, by either coming early and resting at noon in the shades, or coming in the early afternoon.

    3. Waterproof

    Everything possible should be waterproof: waterproof make-up, waterproof watches, waterproof sun-screen… find a waterproof/swim-proof small bag, so you can take valuables with you, should you go to the beach alone or in a small group and want to take a swim.

    4. Beach rules

    Some beaches have rules, similar to hot-springs, and do not allow tattoos. Additionally, music might be prohibited, too. Make sure, not to bother others. Be careful when walking around, you might accidentally step on someone’s towel. Also, try not to drink too much alcohol, and avoid getting drunk.
    Pets, glass bottles, and behaviour that damages the nature are most of the time not allowed neither.

    Other than that, enjoy the beach with breaking a watermelon: the famous suikawari!