4 Famous Places to Have the Hokkaido Specialty Soup Curry

  • Do you know what soup curry is? Curry is popular in Japan, and it is eaten in many households, but in Hokkaido a more watery kind of curry that is almost like soup is preferred. Specialty shops are opening across Japan due to its deliciousness, but we will show you a few famous soup curry places in Sapporo, where it all started.

    1. GARAKU

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    There is always a line to get in here on the weekends.
    Their trademark is the colorfulness that lets your eyes enjoy the meal too.
    A nutritious soup made by adding 21 spices to a slow-stewed base of pork stock, chicken and vegetables is served with choice rice.
    Both the large-cut vegetables and the tender meat are delicious.

    Japanese notation: GARAKU
    Hours: Monday to Friday – 11:30 to 15:30, 17:00 to 23:30 / Saturday, Sunday, Holidays – 11:30 to 22:00
    Holiday: Random

    2. soup curry yellow

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    There is a DJ booth inside for some reason, giving a club-like modern atmosphere.
    The most popular item here is the “Chicken Vegetable Curry.”
    This soup is great, with the flavors of chicken legs with chicken stock, pork stock, and potherbs all coming through.

    Japanese notation:soup curry yellow


    They have a medicinal curry that seems like it would be good for hangovers or colds, but their most popular item is the chicken curry.
    The soup is red and transparent with a consommé base full of chicken flavor, and the garlic accent is a nice touch.
    On their regular holiday of Tuesday, they operate as a ramen shop.

    Japanese notation:MEDICINEMAN
    Hours:Mon. Thu. Fri. 11:30〜15:00 17:00〜22:00 Sat. Sun. Holiday 11:30〜22:00
    Holiday:Tue. Wed.

    4. AJANTA

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    This is the head temple of soup curry, cited by many owners of soup curry specialty restaurants as an influence.
    The soup is gentle on the body with its 30 spices and 15 Chinese herbal medicines.
    There are no additives or chemical seasonings, so it’s great for when you have a cold.

    Japanese notation:アジャンタ薬膳カリィ本舗 総本家
    Hours:11:00~ Sold out 17:00 〜 Sold out
    Holiday: December 31, January 1 and 2

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