How to Enjoy Maid Cafes in Japan

  • A pretty little dress, a petticoat, a pinafore and a matching hair accessory. Who wouldn’t look adorable on this? This is how you dress-up as a maid in Japan’s maid cafes. The dressing style originated from French maids’ costume.

    Origin of Maid Cafes

    Maid cafes are cosplay restaurants which can be found around the world but most especially in Japan. Japan is popularly known for otakus. An otaku is a person who has an obsessive interest in many things varying from mangas, cosplay, collectibles and many more. Some people may find them unique while others may find them indifferent. Whatsoever, this is how the maid cafe came about. It particularly caters to people who are fantasizing a cosplay dining experience wherein maids in costumes are happily serving them.

    Choosing of Maids

    The appearance is very important in choosing maids for maid cafes. They have to be cute and innocent-looking. This is derived from the Japanese concept of “moe.” Moe is a Japanese slang word meaning to have a strong affection towards characters in the manga, animation or video games. This is the reason why maids also do some acting in the cafes. They have to portray the personalities and emotions of the characters they’re playing.


    What makes the stay exciting are the rituals. Oftentimes, the maids would greet their customers in a high-pitch tone when they come in with “okaerinasaimase goshujin sama” or “welcome home master or mistress”. If the customer needs to stir anything in his cup, the maid would be happy to do it for them. They would kneel down and some would even say some magic words and do some clapping to make the drinks taste good. However, to protect the maids from unruly customers, there are also some rules which need to be followed such as not touching the maid’s body or taking any photographs with them so as to secure their privacy.

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