3 peculiar Japanese superstitions

  • Even in a place as technologically advanced as Japan, there are still some old world beliefs and superstitions. Whether you believe in them or not, they are still not discounted from the culture. From the fascinating to the strange, here are 3 peculiar superstitions still alive and well in Japan.

    1. Blood Types

    Not only are blood types good to know for important medical information, but in Japan it could also help distinguish your personality and whom you are best compatible with. Even the Japanese national coach screens players’ blood types before admitting them into the team. It seems he does not favor B blood types because they are apparently selfish. Below are the blood types and traits associated with them.

    • A – Calm, responsible, patient, punctual, stubborn, sensitive and a perfectionist.
    • B – Creative, passionate, optimistic, forgetful, irresponsible, and self-centered.
    • AB – Rational, organized, critical, indecisive, empathic and unforgiving.
    • O – Social, self-confident, natural leader, arrogant, vain, and insensitive. Compatible with All types.
    2. Consecutive sneezing

    Allergies may not be the only cause of your sneezing according to the superstition. If you sneeze once you are being praised; two sneezes someone seems to be speaking ill of you; three sneezes means you will fall in love (or your lover is thinking about you), and four times you have a cold. So next time you sneeze be sure to think about this superstition.

    3. Seeing spiders

    Sure, seeing spiders in your house is a bit terrifying for some people, but did you know they may actually be good luck? Seeing spiders in the morning is associated with good luck, so be sure not to kill it! They also say killing it could affect you having good luck. However, if you see a spider at night, it is associated with bad luck, so feel free to pick up that shoe and smash away!

    You may or may not believe in these superstitions but can surely see that they are very fun. Japan still has some traditional beliefs and some of those are logical while others are not. Regardless, we can agree that these superstitions are extremely fascinating. From horoscopes with you blood, to spiders in your house, which of these do you believe?