Need to relax? Indulge yourself at a spa!

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  • Has traveling around Tokyo gotten your body into knots? Has the bustling city life stressing you out? Well then maybe it’s time to sit back and relax at one of the many spas in Tokyo! Perhaps you’d like a nice massage to ooze away all your stress. Or maybe you’d like a nice facial to feel pampered. Whatever you want to relieve your stress, Tokyo has it offered. Here are a few that many people love to visit to destress.

    Four Seasons Hotel spa

    One of the more westernized spas on this list, the Four Seasons hotels offer facial/body treatments, and massage; as well as steam saunas, jet spas, and a traditional onsen. This spa offers more body treatments than facials. In fact, they have several different types of body treatments to choose from. Each body treatment is a soothing massage paired with aromatic oils which will soothe the body and mind. Cost ranges from 12,000 – 24,000 JPY. Price point depends on the length of your message.

    Four Seasons Hotel spa Website

    Mandarin Oriental spa

    If you’re looking to experience a bit of luxury, the Mandarin Oriental spa is the place for you. The prices for this spa is the highest amongst this list. You can also choose to have a suite with an exquisite view of Tokyo. However, the price is definitely not for those with weak wallets. The hotel offers you a variety of facial and body treatments, so you can feel both pampered and relaxed. There is also a Fitness Center with onsite trainers ready to help and guide you in your workout. There are many types of treatment to experience, from a Swiss anti-aging facial to a four hands massage treatment the Mandarin Oriental spa will leave you in awe.

    Mandarin Oriental spa Website

    LaQua spa

    If you’re looking to experience the Japanese onsen scene, the LaQua spa located in the Tokyo Dome is just the place for you. The LaQua spas offer open-air baths derived from natural hot springs. Here you can relax your tired skin and mind and experience warmth and relaxation like you’ve never before. They have the largest variety of treatments amongst other spas in this list. Whatever you want, you can get it here. From beauty to health, the LaQua spa certainly offers something for everyone.

    LaQua spa Website

    There are so many different types of spas in Tokyo and there are so many places for you to receive relaxing treatments. You can surely get away from the bustling busy lifestyle in Tokyo by going to a spa. Relax your body and mind before you decide to go back out into the big city that is Tokyo. This will surely be an experience in your travels.