Beer & Edamame – Perfect Couple?

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  • Beer is a drink of choice on a summer night… for at least 70% of us. Most of the time I want something to eat while drinking so probably do you, and when you are in Japan, there comes the great bean snack EDAMAME.

    A foreign friend of mine had once said that “beans are sort of protein source that you put in soup and some other food, which is tasteless most of the time, at least for me”. It might be the impression beans give in general, but I know many edamame fans from various countries, and they were wondering why beans can be so tasty, which I myself did not have an answer for at that time.

    Here are some of the reasons

    Perhaps most of you already know that they are soybeans, yet wonder why they taste so different from the soybeans we are used to. edamame is actually a premature soybean and that gives it freshness and softness.

    Their sweetness is said to be halved within 12 hours after harvesting. Farmers collect the beans early in the morning so that they can deliver them to the markets right after.


    Green is the main color of edamame you would think of, but there are actually several different colors (green, brownish green, blackish green) with different tastes. So don’t get it worry when you get the beans other than green – they are not rotten, its just another type and they do taste good as well. My favorite is the brownish green one by the way.


    June~August is the high time for edamame. You can actually have them almost any time of the year if you go to some Japanese bars, but vegetable of high time taste completely different and they are richer in nutrition.

    When you go to a Japanese restaurant there would certainly be people having a beer with edamame, and now you can show off your knowledge about the beans!