Get your tickets for F1 Japanese Grand Prix!

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  • Are you a fan of Formula One racing thinking where to watch it this year? World`s famous Suzuka Circuit is waiting for you. It is located in Suzuka city in Mie prefecture of Japan.

    There are a few other circuits such as ‘Fuji Speedway’ but after it withdrew in 2009 from being the venue, Suzuka circuit has been operational. This year in the month of September, between 25-27, the championship is going to be held in Suzuka.


    Japanese Grand Prix is the last F1 race event where famous racers like Hamilton, Schumacher, Alonso compete for the title. Last year in 2014, Hamilton has won the championship while the maximum number of wins is still held by Michael Schumacher until now since the inception of Japanese Grand Prix. The first Japanese Grand Prix was held in 1976 on Fuji Speedway. By the way, Fuji Speedway has been the oldest circuit in Japan located under the foothills of Mount Fuji in Oyoma city, Shizuoka prefecture. Being 1.5 km long, it is the longest in Asia and is a Grade 1 circuit. Toyota acquired Fuji Speedway in 2000 and due to some problems, the championship has moved to Suzuka circuit.

    Suzuka Circuit

    Although Suzuka circuit has started operating in the 1980s, it has only been in continuous operation from 2009. There are many sponsors for the upcoming event at Suzuka. One of them is Honda which is going to supply an engine for McLaren. Honda currently owns the circuit and its contract lasts till 2018. Suzuka`s tracks are featured in many video games such as the popular MotoGP, Gran Turismo and so on. So, what are you waiting for?! Get your ticket right now before they are sold out. The links for the tickets are below!