A selection of five date spots in the ancient city of Kamakura that can easily be accessed from Tokyo

  • It is possible for one to enjoy the old city of Kamakura on a day trip from central Tokyo.
    It was selected as the number one city where boyfriends and girlfriends want to date because of its tranquil and romantic atmosphere.
    This time, we will introduce the nice spots in Kamakura where you will want to visit with your significant other.

    Kamakura bungakukan

    The ancient capital of Kamakura was familiar to many great writers such as Yasunari Kawabata, Soseki Natsume, and Ryunosuke Akutagawa, and this museum displays such things as original manuscripts and their favorite items.
    For couples who are interested in literature, and even for couples who are not, you can enjoy the view of the lawn and the antique building.
    It is beautiful in June with the roses in bloom, but it is also crowded. Therefore, if you go here on a date we recommend a quieter season.

    Japanese notation:鎌倉文学館

    Inamuragasaki park

    From the observation deck that has been built in the park, you can of course enjoy the spectacular view of Enoshima, and on a clear day you can even see as far as Mount Fuji!
    While the temples of Kamakura are certainly fine, why don’t you try spending some time as a couple in the great outdoors?
    During the summer you can enjoy the fireworks.

    Japanese notation:稲村ヶ崎公園

    Zeniaraibenzaiten ugahuku jinja shrine

    There is a happy legend that if you wash your money in the waters of a cave that is on the grounds of this shrine, your money will multiply.
    Why don’t the two of you enjoy a collaboration?

    Japanese notation:銭洗弁財天宇賀福神社

    Kamakura daibutsu

    This is the only National Treasure in Kamakura.
    Made in 1252, this huge statue of Buddha, which is 13.35 meters tall, and weighs about 121 tonnes, is a precious historical and cultural asset.
    The whole body was originally covered in gold leaf, but it was washed away into the sea by a tsunami during the Muromachi period, and it has continued like this until the present day.
    It is also possible to enter the interior of the Buddha!

    Japanese notation:鎌倉大仏

    Ryuren no kane

    There is a bell on Lover’s Hill that overlooks the sea, and it is said that if a couple rings the bell together they will not be parted.
    Use this to firmly tie your wishes together as a couple.

    Japanese notation:龍恋の鐘