Godzilla Reviews: Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster

  • Kaiju Volleyball

    Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster is one of the weakest entries in the Godzilla franchise. It really does not fit within the rest of the franchise anywhere, the story is kind of wonky (even for a Godzilla movie), and the fights aren’t even that good.


    And as I mentioned in the title of this paragraph, Godzilla and another monster seem to play volleyball with a giant boulder (and while that might sound awesome, trust me it isn’t).


    Some teenagers plan to take a boat to search for their missing brother, they are caught by a thief who takes them with him on his escape. They get caught in a violent storm and wind up on an uncharted island. But this island is home to the terrorist organization Red Bamboo, who have enslaved the natives of Infant Island, and make them create a special solution to control the monstrous Ebirah. The group teams up with a brave native woman Daiyo to wake Godzilla (who just happens to be taking a power nap on the same island), and defeat the Red Bamboo.


    Originally this movie was supposed to be the next Toho King Kong movie. But as production got underway the producers felt that Godzilla would be more profitable. Even with such a big story change, there seem to be very little re-writes to the story itself. Many of Godzilla’s traits in this movie are more like King Kong (being strengthened by electricity, falling in love with a human woman, and sleeping in a cave as opposed to sleeping underwater). The main actor Akira Takarada has been in six of the Godzilla films throughout the years. In each movie, he plays a different character. So when you are watching the movies and think, “Man, that guy looks like the guy in the last movie.” Don’t worry you are not being racist. It is the same guy. The titular sea monster’s name is Ebirah. Ebi is the Japanese word for shrimp. So, Godzilla is fighting a giant shrimp. He should just cook it with his atomic breath, and eat it.
    This movie was also featured on the cult classic tv show Mystery Science Theater 3000. If you really want to be a completionist and watch this movie, I would recommend this version. It is much more enjoyable than the original.
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