Shinjuku Gyoen: amazing green escape!

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  • Tokyo is known to be one of the most crowded cities in the world, however, it is also known for its huge and beautiful parks and gardens, just in the middle of the city. While visiting great shopping places within Tokyo huge skyscrapers and buildings, you can easily take a break from the noise and traffic in order to escape and find yourself in the middle of an amazing park, and that exquisite mix represents the very special charming face of Tokyo. One of the most famous and huge parks in Tokyo is “Shinjuku Gyoen National park”.


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    Located just in the center of bustling Shinjuku, it is absolutely a gorgeous escape for visitors out there, looking for some amazing green space to settle in, after a long day shopping.

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    Entrance fee is 200yen for adults, 50yen for Elementary and junior high school students, and considering the offered landscapes, views and amazing gardens that you can enjoy there, it is almost for free.

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    The park has three main gardens: the French formal one, the English landscape garden and the traditional Japanese garden with some Japanese teahouses open for public.

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    Coming there during autumn season, you will have the chance to enjoy an incredible mixture of gardens’ colors, reflecting the diversity of landscapes and their magnificence.

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    Unlike other gardens and parks, where you mainly just sit down and relax in the middle of a green space, Shinjuku Gyoen is almost an attraction, with infinite and delightful landscapes to discover, as very different one from another.

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    It is also a perfect place for families with kids, as they can enjoy nice picnic afternoons while playing their favorite outside activities within the huge green spaces offered inside the park. In order to protect this gorgeous green place, drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited. It is usually open for public from 9am to 4pm, each day, except on Mondays.

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