Game of Thrones Book Cover by Noriko Meguro

  • With the world-wide hype around Game of Thrones, it is not surprising that it reached Japan as well. The first book of “A song of ice and fire” was published in 2002, only six years after being published in the US. The Japanese title for the books series is close to its original :”koori to honoo no uta”(『氷と炎の歌』), which could also be translated as “The song of ice and flames”, whereas the first book was named “Shichi oukoku no gyokuza”(『七王国の玉座』) meaning “The thrones of the seven kingdoms”. The other books have their title directly translated from English to Japanese.

    Game of Thrones1

    The sixth book, The Winds of Winter, has not been released yet. Fans are waiting since the last publication of the fifth book, which was separated into three parts and published in 2013 September till November. The katakana version of Game of Thrones is interesting, since it is “ge-mu obu suro-nzu” (ゲームオブスローンズ). It is not easy with English titles! Now comes the amazing part: the marvellous book cover! Obviously designed by a Japanese mangarisque artist, they are splendid and give the whole series a new touch. Let us take a closer look!

    First books: A Game of Thrones 『七王国の玉座』上 (Part 1)

    With the juvenile appearance and the white dire wolf, this is obviously Jon Snow. What a gorgeous depiction!

    Game of Thrones2

    A Game of Thrones 『七王国の玉座』下 (Part 2)

    Long blonde hair, a dragon and probably purple eyes, this must be Daenerys Targaryen! Taller and slimmer than we have seen her in the TV show.

    Game of Thrones3

    Second books: A Clash of Kings 『王狼たちの戦旗』上 (Part 1)

    Can you guess who this is? A young boy (or is it a girl? ;) ) with a thin sword, this must be Arya and her needle!

    Game of Thrones4

    A Clash of Kings 『王狼たちの戦旗』(Part 2)

    This one differs extremely from the TV show and what fans have usually in mind when they picture Sansa stark.

    Game of Thrones5

    Third books: A Storm of Swords 『剣嵐の大地』(Part 1)

    Dark hair, a blue gown, a beautiful face: this is Margaery Tyrell!

    Game of Thrones6

    A Storm of Swords 『剣嵐の大地』(Part 2)

    On the first glance, this one looks like a bald baby. When checked more careful, this short figure has blond hair and a green eye. Have you figured it out? This is Tyrion Lannister.

    Game of Thrones7

    A Storm of Swords 『剣嵐の大地』(Part 3)

    Not famous for his great achievements, but nonetheless popular among most fans, this plumb guy who took the black is no other than Samwell Tarly.

    Game of Thrones8

    Forth book: A Feast for Crows 『乱鴉の饗宴』(Part 1)

    Posing proudly, with “Handsome armour and not a scratch on it.”. This one is an easy one: Jamie Lanister!

    Game of Thrones9

    A Feast for Crows 『乱鴉の饗宴』(Part 2)

    The red gown might be misleading, but the blonde hair proves, that this is one member of our beloved House Lanister: Cersei Lannister.

    Game of Thrones10

    Fifth book A Dance with Dragons 『竜との舞踏』(Part 1)

    Dragons get more and more importance with the story continuing, so Daenerys Targaryen is shown on another cover.

    Game of Thrones11

    A Dance with Dragons 『竜との舞踏』(Part 2


    A dark forest, the three-eyed raven and Summer, Bran’s dire wolf, another Stark is featured on this cover.

    Game of Thrones12

    A Dance with Dragons 『竜との舞踏』(Part 3)

    And again a popular character gets featured: with a fierce white dire wolf, Jon Snow and Ghost make an awesome duo!

    Game of Thrones13