Walk into a Whimsical Tunnel of Flowers! Wisteria Parks in Japan

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  • Imagine walking into this whimsical tunnel of flowers.

    Wisteria blooms with lavish purple and white colors, radiating a scent surreal and tender. This is not paradise though for this is a real place in Japan. Some of you may have seen several pictures of this place, but a few may have had the chance to visit it. This is the best place to get lost in the world.

    What is Wisteria?

    Wisteria is a flowering plant often called Fuji in Japan. It is actually a wood-climbing vine that grows very rapidly even in poor soil. They can actually climb as high as 20 m above the ground. They can also grow into a mound even if they’re unsupported.

    Where is this Place?

    Don’t get confused, there are two Wisteria parks in Japan. The first one is Ashikaga Flower Park while the other one is in Kawachi Fuji Gardens. However, there is only one Wisteria “tunnel” and it is located in the latter. Going to Kawachi Fuji Gardens will take you approximately 5 hours to get there from Tokyo if you take a high-speed train.

    Ashikaga Flower Park Access
    Kawachi Fuji Gardens Access

    When to Visit the Park

    If you have no problem with crowds, it would be best to visit during Golden Week when the flowers are in full bloom and very lovely to look at. On the other hand, if you want a quiet and peaceful visit, try visiting the place during the off season such as April-May. I personally believe it is a lot better without the crowd so you can enjoy the dreamlike view. Some people say that it is quite disheartening to visit the park during off season for you may only be able to see branches and twigs.


    Since this park is private, established in 1977, the entrance fee may be a little higher. One person needs to pay 1,000 yen during peak season. Generally, the rate depends on the state of the flowers.