Treehouse Cafe: A Perfect Hideaway in Yokohama

  • With the busy life ahead, Japanese people love to find time to relax by going to cafes. Ordinarily speaking, a usual cafe is located within the city where people can just come and go. They usually extend into a sidewalk.

    However to have a little more enjoyable rest, far from the city, Yokohama offers a perfect hideaway for people who love quirky experiences. They can have their coffee or tea while enjoying the ambience of living in a treehouse.

    How to get There

    Located in the suburbs of the Yokohama City is the Nanja Monja Café. There are only 2 stations nearest to the area, the Mitsuzawa Shimocho and the Tammachi Station. If you’re from Tokyo, you’de be using the latter one. Since it is located in a hill, it takes about 20 minutes by foot. It is quite an exercise!

    Upon reaching the place, there are two things that will greet you. The signage which says “OPEN” and the long line of people queued for their ultimate treehouse cafe experience. The best thing to do while waiting is to enjoy the scenery around you. Admire the exterior design of this cafe and take some photos. It would also be a great bonding experience! Try bringing along your friend so as to remove any traces of boredom.

    There’s a limit regarding the number of tables in this place and there’s only 6 so far. That explains the long line. It is expected to wait for quite a long time. But just imagine lounging in this place! The air is fresh, the birds are chirping and the nature is peeking around you.


    The place seems to be in the process of getting more developed. The menu may still be a little limited. It serves mostly bagels to complement your coffee or tea and you have to grab them fast for they get sold out fast.

    NANJYA MONJYA CAFÉ Website *Japanese only