5 Spots to Enjoy Kyoto Specialty Vegetables

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  • The term Kyoto vegetables refers to two different kinds of vegetables.
    One kind is vegetables that were traditionally eaten, and the other kind is vegetables that are strongly associated with Kyoto that began to be distributed from around 1989.

    Kyoto has wide variations in climate depending on the season, so the Kyoto vegetables that grow there are unique and have a deep flavor.
    Here are some spots to enjoy healthy Kyoto vegetables.

    Typical Kyoto Vegetables
    Shogoin kabu(turnip)

    Strong aroma is combined with sweetness and a crisp texture. It is called the jewel of the fields.

    Japanese notation:聖護院かぶ

    Kamo nasu(eggplant)

    The flesh is firm and sweet. Even when cooked it retains some firmness.

    Japanese notation:加茂茄子

    fushimi togarashi(red pepper)

    There is no sharp taste, and it has a distinctive aroma and sweetness.

    Japanese notation:伏見唐辛子

    Ebi imo(patato)

    It has a fine grain and holds its shape well when boiled.
    That distinctive pattern is due to a special harvesting technique.

    Japanese notation:海老芋

    Restaurant to eat Kyoto vegetables
    Miyako yasai kamo

    This buffet restaurant has many Kyoto vegetable dishes.
    Vegetables are cooked and served the day that they are harvested, so it is possible to taste the goodness of fresh Kyoto vegetables.
    They have over 15 dishes along with soups, steamed vegetables, rice, and dessert.

    Japanese notation:都野菜 賀茂
    Holiday:Open everyday

    Ouchi gohan kokoraya

    This izakaya in a Kyoto townhouse serves delicious Kyoto vegetables.
    Their lunch is popular too, and if you’re not there early they may run out.
    Their Kyoto vegetable creative dishes eaten in the warm wooden atmosphere of the townhouse is superb. They also have local Kyoto sake and seasonal fish.

    Japanese notation:おうちごはん ここら屋
    Hours:11:30〜14:00 / 18:00〜22:00


    This shop has Kyoto vegetable sweets made by Kyoto artisans.
    This shop is in the limelight, being featured in media such as television and magazines.
    Colorful Kyoto vegetables brightly decorate cakes, and their taste is superb.
    This delicious cake shop allows you to discover new possibilities in Kyoto vegetables.

    Japanese notation:フレーバーズ

    Kyoutsukemono no shinise akaoya

    This Kyoto pickle shop uses Kyoto vegetables and seasonal fresh vegetables that are carefully selected from various farmers and then individually and carefully pickled by the hands of artisans.
    There are no artificial preservatives or colorings used, so it is possible to taste the flavor of the ingredients themselves.
    It is possible to sample pickles in the shop to find the one for you out of the various pickles.

    Japanese notation:京漬物の老舗 赤尾屋

    Kyoto yaoichi

    This commercial facility sells fresh vegetables and foodstuffs under the concept “Vegetables are the body, the body is vegetables.”
    There are various tenants, and not only Kyoto vegetables but also fish, meat, bread, and side dishes are sold.
    This market-like commercial facility is in the center of Kyoto City.

    Japanese notation:京都八百一


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