Second-Hand Shops: “Treasures” in Japan

  • Japanese second-hand shops, or also called “recycle shops” are now becoming a very popular concept. As a visitor, you may think that Japanese lifestyle is quite expensive and not so affordable for everyone. However, when you stay and live in Japan for a while, you will discover some life aspects and concepts that will definitely surprise you. One of them is the second-hand shops, formally called “recycle shops” as a reference to the recycling act, being part of the whole environment protection. Concretely, those kinds of concepts are more about proposing good deals regarding everyday goods and stuff.

    What you can buy?

    Second-hand shops in Japan represent a very good way for saving money, especially when you are new in the city, want to settle down and furnish your apartment, and have a small budget. Since new home furniture and goods in Japan are considered to be bit expensive, recycle shops would be the best alternative for you.

    The main thing about this kind of stores is that they offer used products and goods, at a lower price, sometimes, way lower than the regular one. You might think is it kind of normal since goods have been used before. However, you will certainly be surprised to see the quality of offered products. The main reason is related to how the Japanese take care of their goods and keep them clean, which is very specific to them.

    Plus, in some cases, you will even find some new stuff there, in its original package and never used. The price is also lower than the original one. There are two main reasons for that. First: Some people, instead of throwing unwanted goods (and paying money for throwing them out!) tend to give them to second-hand shops. Second, Japanese living spaces and homes are very small, so that there is not enough space to stock everything old when buying something new. Japanese consider recycle shops as alternative in order to get rid of unwanted things, sometimes even new ones.

    There , you can really find everything you might be looking for, from Japanese old and gorgeous porcelain and tea sets, to living rooms, crystal vases and decoration goods, electronic stuff, bicycles, etc. Even Louis Vuitton bags and wallet are found, in addition to many other expensive brands for luxurious products.

    Many famous shops are well-known, but even within small local ones, you might find what you are looking for. So if you are looking for some nice and affordable way to furnish your Japanese living space, don’t miss the second-hand shops out there, you will certainly be surprised with what they have to offer!