Ueno Park: Beyond your Expectations

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  • Ueno Park is much more than a simple green space; it is the center of many attractions located in the same place. It is very difficult for any visitor to visit all of them within one or two days, as you have to spend much more time if you want to enjoy what Ueno park has to offer: Museums, green spaces, shrines and the famous Ueno zoological park.


    Ueno park includes many museums, ones of the most famous are:

    1. Tokyo National Museum:


    Japan’s oldest and biggest Museum, established in 1972 and noe holds over 111000 items including national treasures of historical artifacts and art collections.

    2. National Museum of Western Art:

    National Museum of Western Art

    Established in 1959, this museum holds a prestigious collection of western paintings and drawings from 15th to 20th centuries with the emphasis on France.

    3. National Science Museum:

    National Science Museum

    Covering both science and natural history. The museum holds a large number of animal and plant specimens, and also two floors of dinosaur related exhibitions.

    Shrines and temples
    1. Kaneiji temple:

    Kaneiji temple

    One of the largest and wealthiest temples of Tokyo, it was destroyed during the Boshin war of 1868-1869 and reconstructed during the Meiji Emperor era.

    2. Kiyomizu Kannon temple:

    Kiyomizu Kannon temple

    Established in 1631, its design was inspired by the famous Kyoto temple Kiyomizu-dera, however much smaller. It is home to the goddess of conception, thus, often visited by couples wanting to have children.

    3. Toshogu shrine:


    Established in 1616, it is one of the few Edo-era buildings in Tokyo to have survived wars and earthquakes. The shrine itself is intricately decorated with wooden carvings.

    Ueno Zoological Park

    Ueno Zoo is Japan’s oldest zoo and Tokyo’s most famous one. It was founded in 1882. The zoo is home to over 200 animals, and its most popular ones are, perhaps, the giant panda bears. It is pretty much the only “attraction” where you will find a big queue in order to access the viewing area, however, observing giant pandas eating bamboo is definitely worth waiting.

    Ueno zoological park   2

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    Some other big attractions of the zoo are seals, elephants, gorillas, polar bears, lions, and tigers.

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    Ueno zoological park   4

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    For the elephants, if you are there at a certain time, you can even assist to an amazing “cleaning time” show performed by the zoo staff.

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    You can findhere all useful informations about Ueno zoological park.

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