Fashion Trends: The salmon swimming up stream!

  • Japan is one of those countries where there is a high level of conformity, it’s visible everywhere. From a very young age, the concept of fitting in and being one of the group is ingrained into young minds.

    My style

    But, this doesn’t apply to everyone! There are a lot of people out there who go out of their way to look as different as possible and stand out! These risk takers find a comfort and an individual voice in these quirky fashion trends. For this reason, Japan’s constant change in fashion is something that’s amazing to watch.

    Color and design

    Some of the most random colors and designs are thrown together to create some of the most bizarre and strangest looking outfits that can possibly only be found in Japan! In a gloomy sea of black, I personally find fashion trends like these refreshing.

    Fads, trends and subcultures

    Japan has made trends and popularized an infinite number of styles over the years that has put them on the map internationally for being in a fashion category of their own. In a lot of the major cities bolder trends like the cosplay trend, the Lolita’s, gyaru and the Harajuku fashion, just to name a few, are just part of a silent revolution against the normal drab.

    I think it’s safe to say that almost anywhere you go in Japan, you are going to come across some very unique choices of clothing, combination of colors, accessories or something that screams “This is me!”.

    One thing about Japanese fashion trends is that it will grab your attention, and it is something you are sure to remember. Whether it’s the “shock factor”, or the “wow factor”, or an “OMG moment”, it will probably leave you thinking “only in Japan can this exist”, and you are right for the most part, Japan is home of outlandish (fill in the blank here)!

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