Beauty Tip: Diet Slippers for the Diet-Conscious!

  • Japan, being technologically advanced, has taken losing weight to a new level. From manicure, pedicure, spas to cosmetics, Japan has it all. The country still keeps on striving to produce striking technologies. The fact that Japanese like creating unique ideas makes their products more interesting for customers.

    Getting to Know the Diet Slippers

    You’ve probably heard of diet pills, diet food, or diet coffee. Here comes another “diet” product. From the name itself, “Diet,” the concept of the product can be clearly observed. This is a creation made by Mrs. Nakazawa. It primarily targets the adults especially the housewives who have no time for exercising at home. It took quite some trial-and-error time for Mrs. Nakazawa to come up with this creation. She started investing all her savings of $20,000 which then gave her an annual sale of $4,000,000. What a smart idea!

    How Does the Diet Slipper Work?

    Diets slippers don’t have heels. There are several designs. The one above terminates at the middle of the sole. Depending on the use, slippers are designed based on their usage. Some can correct postures, shape the muscles of the legs while others can give you a sense of balance. However, these diet slippers can do it all, which then brings the idea of dieting more attractive. You don’t really need to go to the gym anymore. Just wear the slippers every day and you can get the best result. Imagine, getting exercise, dieting and being given the acupressure effect.

    How much does a Diet Slipper Cost?

    The slippers are affordable and it can cost you around 699 yen or $5.63. If you’re in Japan and you don’t have enough time to look for this in shops you can just buy it online from the most popular online shop, Rakuten.