Wa Space: A Place with Perfect Traditional Japanese Gifts

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  • Have you ever wondered where to shop for the best traditional gifts in Japan? There are many places to go, but one shop stands out from the rest and it is called “Wa Space”. This shop is located in Akasaka. Adhering to the motto of “Modern simplicity that can be integrated into the modern life,” Wa Space has been making items which are not only decorative but also have a deep sense.

    Where do they get the Items?

    Wa Space1

    It can take some time for them to search for very good artists who can contribute to the creation of their artworks and items. The owner travels in Japan a lot and always seeks very good artists.

    What are the sold Items?

    You can find several beautiful potteries. Above is an example of a bowl which has been turned glossy with the traditional technics of exposure to heat and glaze. There are also mugs and plates, and more items which you can use in the kitchen for cooking. The majority of these items are simple and very practical for daily use or for decoration.


    “Elegant yet functional,” this is the design concept of Wa Space. Some are beautifully handcrafted and let the customers admire the nature of Japanese classic materials. This shop tries to find a way to make these beautiful crafts fit with the needs of any generation. If you go to Wa Space, I am sure that you will find something for yourself!

    How to Purchase?

    Of course, it is always better to go to the shop than to purchase things online. However, if you’re abroad and would like to have some items from Wa Space, it’s possible Here.
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