The Most Popular White Day Gifts in Japan

  • Needless to say, it is very common around the world for men to give women flowers, cards or chocolates on Valentine’s Day. However, this is not the case in Japan. Valentine’s Day is the day when women give chocolate to men. Every March 14th of the year, the Japanese have a special celebration known as “White Day” wherein men give present to women who’ve given them chocolates during Valentine’s Day in return.

    Why is White Day called “White?”

    Historically speaking, White Day was originally all about marshmallows. Commonly, marshmallows were only white in the past. It wasn’t really about chocolate. Due to the uprising of chocolate companies, the switch to a tastier and sweeter chocolate was introduced through advertisements. Nowadays, men can also give dark chocolate to women.

    Popular Confections and Gifts on White Day:

    Gifts for women on White Day vary from person to person. It can be either edible or non-edible. Below are some of the most popular gifts.

    Chocolates and cookies

    Traditionally, various kinds of chocolates, cookies, and other sweet treats are given on White Day. However, there are other gifts for people who don’t have a sweet tooth.


    We all know that most women are accessory lovers. This is the reason why some men in Japan prefer giving women something very useful. Somehow, in this sense, the giver will also be remembered for longer.


    For some reason, candies are the no. 3 on the list of men’s favorite gifts to women. In certain studies conducted, this is not even on women’s top 10 list! I would as well forgo on this one if I were you. However, if the said woman loves candies, then why not?

    There you go. These are the most popular gifts offered by men to women on White Day in Japan. But you can use these gift ideas for different relationships and purposes!

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