Internet Providers and Connection Types in Japan

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  • For the benefit of those who’d want to stay in Japan for longer and would like to have their own internet connection, I will provide some information on the most popular internet service providers and connection types available in the country. Choosing the right ones will depend on your location and preferences, of course.

    There are only two internet connection types in Japan: Hikari(fiber-optic) and ADSL. Both of these can be hosted by the 2 most popular internet providers in Japan, namely Softbank and NTT.

    Difference between Hikari and ADSL

    Hikari or the fiber-optic connections can be classified into 2: Family type and Mansion type. The difference lies in permissions. The family type requires permission from the owner of the infrastructure. It is said that wires are immediately connected from the street to the house.

    They frequently have different promotions and deals.

    In Japan, the word “mansion” means “apartment”. For the mansion type Hikari, fiber wiring is also used. However, it is connected to a certain device installed in the mansion, not directly into the house.


    The advantage of ADSL is that it you can either have a telephone line or not, depending on your subscription. This connection, on the other hand, uses a metal telephone wiring. You can choose whatever speed you like. Connection type depends on your subscription. It is said that if you have the telephone it will only take 10 days to connect while if you don’t it will usually take 3 weeks to a month!

    How to Decide

    Choosing the right type of connection and internet service providers depends on many factors. Usually, if you live in a mansion type house(apartment building) in Japan, internet connection is already available with the Mansion-type Hikari. If your house is residential, you might as well go with the Family-type Hikari. Remember that, even though you choose your connection speed with the latter type, it will still depend on how far or near you are fromm the server.