Get in Touch with “LINE” Friends at the Line Friends Store in Harajuku

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  • Have you ever tried the application “LINE” on your mobile phone? LINE is a free messaging system where you can send and receive text messages and calls for free, whenever, wherever. It is also available in all smartphones from iPhones, Androids, Blackberries and so on.

    LINE Characters

    In using LINE, several character stickers are available, such as the ones above. These are some of the stickers which you can actually use when chatting or messaging. As virtual coins have been a big hit these days, LINE is also featuring the use of it. There are some premium stickers which you can purchase using your virtual coins.

    Harajuku LINE Store

    LINE Friends Store in Harajuku is the very-first LINE store in Japan which opened last December 2014. The location is quite easy to find. Upon reaching the place, you’ll probably meet the most popular mascot, Brown the Bear with Sally, the yellow-colored duck you’ll often find on top of his head. Once you go inside, the other characters await you: Leonard the Frog, Edward the Worm, and Cony the White Rabbit.

    Let’s Go Inside!

    First-floor consists of inexpensive LINE stuffs which you can probably give as a souvenir to your friends or for your own. Lined in are sweaters, buttons, stamps and anything other school-related stuffs which you can show off to your classmates and friends.

    A huge Brown the Bear is what you’ll be seeing if you walk further down the shop. This is a popular one for tourists to take a picture with. Why don’t you try it as well? Next to this giant bear is a set of stairs this leads down to more expensive stuffs you might want to buy.

    Don’t forget to visit Brown’s room which is situated at the back of the shop. There you can see lots of cute little brown bears as well as Brown the Bear, himself, sitting on a couch.

    LINE Friends Store Website

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