Indulge Yourself in 100% Chocolate Cafe at Tokyo Sky Tree!

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  • If you want to indulge in the richness of chocolate, go to Tokyo Skytree. On its lower levels, shops and restaurants are lined up for you. It is quite hard not to notice one of its precious gems: “100% Chocolate Cafe.” Yes, you’ve heard it right. It offers 100% chocolate to those craving for it!

    Where is it Located?

    The cafe can be found in Tokyo Skytree’s fourth floor, particularly, in Kyobashi, inside the Meiji Company’s Headquarter’s building. This cafe was opened last December 2004.

    Foods Offered

    This is a heaven for the chocoholics. It takes its pride in “56chocolates” collection. The name “56chocolates” itself, simply implies a collection of 56 types of chocolates. Can you imagine that? Amazing, right? You can either eat the chocolate inside or just take it out if you’re in a hurry. But who would be in a hurry in such a great place? You can choose the kind as well as the quantity of chocolates that you want.

    How much does it Cost?

    Those of you who are price-conscious, might as well take a look at some of the prices below. Normally, the price for one piece of chocolate can range from 200 to 300 yen.

    • chocornet (320 yen)
    • strawberry-and-cheese waffle (730 yen)
    • chocolate dessert (400 yen, depends on the kind)
    • chocolate milk tea (500 yen)
    • chiffon chocolate cake (430 yen)

    If you want to take food out, most of them are already packed in the boxes and there’s no need to wait for too long.

    This place is perfect for those with a sweet tooth! You can also bring your significant other along for a sweet date!