Japanese Fugu: From a Toxic Fish to an Exquise Delicacy

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  • Want to take the risk of eating the Japanese fugu? This is one of the Top 10 Most Risky Meals to have. Fugu is a Japanese word for pufferfish. A fugu contains tetrodotoxin which makes it literally poisonous!

    How are Fugu Prepared?

    Because of the risks involved in eating fugu, strict rules have been implemented in Japan when it comes to food preparation. Chefs should undergo a rigorous training for three years or more to master fugu cooking. Without proper training, cooking fugu by yourself can cause accidental deaths. This food preparation takes a long time. It also explains why the price of eating this dish in specialized Fugu restaurants is very expensive. A dish of fugu can cost you around 2,000-5,000 yen. On the other hand, a full-course fugu meal of 8 servings can cost you 10,000-20,000 yen!


    Sashimi is the most popular way of preparing fugu. Knives used in slicing are very thin. Some say it’s a little bit chewy and tastes blunt.


    Milt is the soft internal egg mass in fugu ovaries. It is very important and is highly priced. It is also called Shirako in Japanese.


    If you love deep-fried foods, then you may want to try a deep fried fugu. Looks like chicken! This is actually tastier for Westerners as it is similar to a lean white meat being fried.


    This food preparation involves completely drying the fins of the fish. It is served as a dish known as Hire-zake wherein a hot sake is also being served together.


    Known as Fugu-chiri, fugu can be simmered together with some vegetables. It makes the taste very light.


    For the salad-lovers out there, there’s a fugu salad. It is only fugu’s skin that is eaten in a salad called yubiki.

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