Kero Kero Keroppi: the Famous Japanese Frog-Boy

  • Do you know this emerald-green frog? He is one of Sanrio’s creations. Originally made in the 1980’s in Japan, Kero Kero Keroppi gradually became popular. This character was rated the most popular in Japan in the 1990’s.

    Name Origin

    In Japan, frogs are said to produce a sound “kero”. “Kero kero” means “ribbit” in English.

    Family Background

    Keroppi comes from a noble family. He’s a smart and adventurous frog. His father is a doctor who works in Hasunoue Hospital. He is a very good doctor and can do almost anything with his expertise. Keroppi’s mother is a chef of their own restaurant. Keroppi would often ask his mom for rice balls from as he gets a lot of energy from it. They all live in Donut Pond.

    The Triplets

    Do you know that Keroppi has siblings? They’re actually triplets! He has a sister named Pikki, and a brother named Koroppi. Pikki is the cutest! She’s adventurous and loves climbing as well as cooking. She’s actually great in memorizing names. She knows everybody living in Donut Pond. Koroppi is a hard-working frog and loves tinkering.

    Keroppi’s Girlfriend

    Yes, Keroppi has a girlfriend, indeed, and her name is Keroleen.

    Aren’t they the sweetest?

    Keroppi Collectibles

    For those of you who are interested in Keroppi collectibles such as stickers, stamps, stationeries, plush dolls, mugs, towels, accessories and the like, there are several shops selling these in Japan. There are shops around Tokyo Skytree or if you want to purchase online, here’s a link of the famous Sanrio website.