The best tasting coffee and Japanese sweets in Tsukiji

  • Tsukiji, visited by many tourists, is famous for being the world’s largest fish market.
    However, there are many shops in Tsukiji that deal in things besides fish.
    Today I am going to introduce a shop offering espresso and Japanese sweets.

    The shop’s name, “Turret,” refers to the delivery trucks often seen carrying packages around Tsukiji market.
    Since it’s close to Tsukiji market, one of these trucks is placed in the shop with a tatami laid out on the pallet to create tatami-room-style seating.

    When you visit, the first thing you will want to order is the Turret latte for ¥560.
    Smoothly whipped milk is carefully poured into rich, dark espresso, and the classic leaf, heart, tulip, wave, etc., is drawn while noting the customer’s mood and the appearance of the milk.

    When you drink it, the velvety soft, dense milk blends beautifully with the bitter taste of the double espresso, giving it a very deep flavor.

    And of course you will want to have a Japanese sweet with it.
    Since there are many foreign tourists at Tsukiji, we would like to share Japanese culture, so we are selling our own original dorayaki cakes.
    Butter is added as the secret ingredient to sweet bean paste, giving it a rich taste that pairs well with a latte.
    The faint aroma of the branding iron is also nice.

    In addition to dorayaki cakes, Mr. Kawasaki sometimes brings out Japanese sweets from around the country that he thinks would pair well with a café latte.
    Those who are curious should be sure to ask about the special of the day.
    Also, when you order an espresso, it is served in a Japanese sake cup. There are six styles to choose from, so feel free to have a taste of Japanese culture!

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