Henn na, the weirdest hotel in Japan?

  • Japan is known internationally of being a little eccentric. Many people have seen the myriads of mascots that fast food chains have, and watching Japanese adverts is popular outside of Japan. So when a hotel opens it’s doors and calls itself Henn na (Weird Hotel) it must be rather unusual!

    Henn na

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    Henn na is located in Sasebo Nagasaki and is the first hotel staffed by Robots! The hotel is strangely located in a theme park, but not a robot theme park. Huis Ten Bosch is a theme park which wants to be a typical Dutch town. So not the place you’d expect to find state of the art robotics! The hotel also states that it is the home of efficiency, trying to make your stay as easy as possible. They also are environmentally friendly and wish to reduce emissions. For that reason there are no refrigerators in the guest rooms and all the lights are automated. This is truly a hotel with a conscience as they also reduce waste, there are no hotel keys or pyjamas or robes for free. All of these things can really help in reducing the use of electricity and natural resources.

    The Robots

    On check in you have the options of speaking to either a humanoid robot or a dinosaur wearing a bow tie! The humanoid robot has been designed to mimic a human being as well as possible. This receptionist blinks, appears to breath and can even make eye contact. Sadly, however, these robots cannot hold a conversation and so to check in you can use the touchscreens to the side of the front desk. Your bags are then taken by a robot too and for left luggage a large robot arm will pick it up and place it in a locker for you.

    The Rooms

    The rooms appear spacious, especially for Japanese standards. They are filled with high-tech, such as voice activated lights. Each room also has state of the art Radiant panel air conditioning to ensure the room is kept at the perfect temperature for your stay. As the hotel is keyless you can get into your room through facial recognition software! But don’t worry about security, once you check out your facial recognition data will be destroyed. The hotel has all the usual amenities such as vending machines and a cafe, and you are situated within a theme park so there is a lot to do.

    This hotel sounds like a peak of Japanese usable technology and comfort. It has just opened it’s doors to the public and although it is ready the company will be continually developing it to stay at the top of technological advances.

    Henn na Hotel Official website

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