Sing your Heart Out! Tokyo’s Unique Karaoke Shops

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  • Japan is the birthplace of karaoke. Karaoke comes from the word kara, meaning “empty” and oke, short for “orchestra”.

    It has been a favorite pastime for many people around the world. Imagine having more than 9,000 karaoke shops in your country! This is the case in Japan. If you happen to be in Tokyo and it’s Friday night or even Saturday night and you love singing, then these places might suit you.

    Joysound Nakano

    This Karaoke shop has many branches in Nakano district of Tokyo. One newly opened branch is Evangelion Karaoke Room. Evangelion or Eva is an apocalyptic animation which is set in a futuristic Tokyo. It is quite popular in Japan.

    Everything in the room is Evangelion-inspired, from the hallway, doors, and tables to walls, even food! If you want to know more about the place, click here. *Automatic translation

    Festa Iikura

    Wouldn’t it be nice to eat gourmet food while singing? I know some people who love eating and this can be a good place for them. Festa Iikura is located in Minato Ward which is in the central part of Tokyo. Rooms are very elegant. It feels like stepping into a hotel suite. You can bring your friends along and have a good time with a good company, music and food.

    This is a Karaoke shop intended for adults for it is a little bit pricey and the rooms are quite extravagant. There is a special chef who will be making your food, from fish and meat to sushi! Most executives of companies come to this place to relax and to socialize with their coworkers or friends.

    *Please note that this restaurant is now closed.

    Play Alone

    Lonely or Shy? No need to fret. You can sing along or play your favorite musical instrument by yourself. Some karaokes in Joysound Nakano are more advanced, allowing customers to virtually play their own music.
    So what are you waiting for? It’s time to sing!

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