Henn na Hotel: First Ever Robotic Hotel in the World!

  • Japan has always been at the forefront of technology, from cars, infrastructure and gadgets to cosmetics, you name it! If you’re an adventurous and innovative person who would like to stay in Japan and have a rather unique hotel experience. Then, this might be the right place for you! Henn na Hotel has just opened on July 17, 2015 in Japan. It is the first robot hotel in the world. The name Henn na means “strange” or “weird” in Japanese. It is managed by Iwazume Takeru and is located at Huis Ten Bosch Theme Park.

    Upon entering the hotel, you will be welcomed by robotic staff. They include the check-in staff and porters. Some popular robots are the following: a long-haired humanoid lady, a nodding dinosaur and a mechanical limb that totes luggage. Behind those robots are actually 10 human staff who are closely monitoring the performances of these robots. These human staff are also surveying everything in the hotel. They act as stagehands.


    Churi-chan is a character you will never forget once you enter the hotel. She is a cute pink-and-green character whom you’ll be meeting in 72 different rooms of the hotel. She sits in each room and you have to look at her face for facial recognition which is used as a security in accessing your room.

    Hotel Fee

    If you think this hotel must be very expensive, think again. Henn na hotel is a prototype. The cost of one-night stay starts for as low as 9,000 yen.

    How to get There

    If you live or are staying in the central Nagasaki, you have to ride a ferry boat for an hour before you hit the land. Then, you have to ride a car for about 5 minutes to reach Henn na Hotel. You’ll be able to spot it immediately because it looks more like a modern Dutch hotel.

    Hen Na Hotel website