The Japanese Meringue – Karumeyaki

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  • Italian meringue, French meringue, Swiss meringue, we’ve heard of all those. But the Japanese meringue? This is the first time I’ve come across something similar. The Karumeyaki カルメ焼き! It roughly translates to grilled caramel, and is made with granulated white or brown sugar (called ざらめ), egg white, baking soda and water, just like any meringue. In terms of taste and texture, it’s much like a cross between meringue cookies and honeycomb.

    Absolute yum. It has also been likened to the French macaron, but my personal opinion is that’s like comparing apples to oranges :)

    Finding Karumeyaki

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    * ずっと試してみたかったカルメ焼き😆 3回目で😅 やっと成功❤( ゚∀゚)人(゚∀゚ ) * このふわっと膨らむ所がたまらん(* ´ ▽ ` *) ぷぅ❤っと可愛い✨ * でも、まだ納得いくようには出来てないのよね (  ̄▽ ̄) このままの綺麗な形で取りたい! なんか、途中で割れるし… * でも今日はこれで十分じゃ *。・+(人*´∀`)+・。* ( *´艸`)チアワチェ❤ * #今日のおやつ#カルメ焼き#初めてのカルメ焼き#手作りカルメ焼き#おうちおやつ#私の夏休みの宿題#初めて膨らんだ#面白い#やっと成功#パティシエカメラ部フレンズ

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    This traditional Japanese treat may usually be found in Japanese festivals called matsuri 祭り, and is sometimes sold in packets in bakeries. Stall vendors have portable burners set up, with bronze ladles sitting on them; the apparatus and setup make it look like a science experiment. But on the contrary, the good news is that it is simple enough to be made at home! The ingredients and equipment are easily available in a home kitchen, and the procedures are easy to follow. It may also be made in different flavours like coffee or vanilla to mix things up. Makes for an easy, delicious snack :)

    Having it made in front of you is a treat for the senses: watching it melt from sugar to bubbling gooey toffee, rise into the shape of a ball when cooled, and finally crystallize to a crispy crust. All this while, the fragrant aroma of slightly burnt caramel permeates the air around; imagine the concentration of flavor in that little cake of sugar! The Karumeyaki cracks easily when bitten or broken by hand, but melts into sweet heaven when it touches the tongue. However, it can get a little dry after a while so perhaps a classic drink of ラムネ (ramune soda) bought at the matsuri would be a perfect coupling!

    Click here for the karumeyaki recipe!

    Watch the karumeyaki rise up at 1:20 in the video!