A Selection of Five Cafes to Enjoy “Wa”in Tokyo

  • There are many places to visit while touring Tokyo, and lots of people go sightseeing on a tight schedule.
    But if you are constantly walking around everywhere you won’t be able to enjoy things that are supposed to be fun.

    If that’s the case, next time try eating traditional Japanese sweets and drinking tea while enjoying “Wa” at one of these hand-picked Tokyo cafes we are about to introduce.
    Take a breather while enjoying a taste of Japanese tradition.

    Chacha kobo @Takadanobaba

    A short distance away from the hustle and bustle of Takadanobaba station there is a cafe where you can enjoy Japanese tea at its most delicious level along with “Wa” style ingredients that are amply sweetened.
    Inside the savory smell of roasted tea leaves relaxes your heart.

    Japanese notation:茶々工房
    Holiday:Sun. Holiday

    Kinozen @Kagurazaka

    In Kagurazaka there is a cafe that was first opened as a restaurant at the beginning of the Meiji era. It is a shop of long standing when it comes to sweets and still has a popular reputation till this very day. Macha flavored Bavarian cream pastries made with a generous helping of Kyoto Ujicha green tea along with carefully made Japanese sweets are popular among men and woman, regardless of age and it’s a given that lots of people visit this place.

    Japanese notation:紀の善
    Hours:Tue.〜Sut. 11:00~20:00 / Sun. Holiday 11:30~18:00

    Wa cafe tsuyukusa @washimiya

    Food that has a gentle effect on the body because it is made with organic ingredients plus organic ginger ale and a cappuccino made from Hojicha which slowly warms your body are popular.
    Enjoy a gentle tea time.

    Japanese notation:和かふぇ つゆくさ

    Akarimado @Akasaka

    On a corner in Akasaka there is a high-class Japanese style restaurant with a long history of keeping the culture of “Hanamachi” alive that has recently reopened after remodeling.
    With a nostalgic interior atmosphere and a concept that blends Japanese and western styles they have their own original “Wa” sweets called “Wacaron”.

    Japanese notation:あかりまど

    Kosoan @Jiyugaoka

    You’ll soon forget that you are in the busy area of Jiyūgaoka while eating carefully crafted sweets in the interior of this establishment surrounded by trees.
    As soft rays of sunlight pour into your afternoon, why not spend your time looking at a luxurious and beautiful Japanese garden?

    Japanese notation:古桑庵


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