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  • BbyB chocolate company is a company set up by Antwerp-based Michelin star chef, Bart Desmidt and the chocolatier Jan Verleye. The first BbyB overseas store opened here in Japan in Ginza, Tokyo on November 29th 2014, BbyB chocolate shop by Nendo.

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    The two chefs who made BbyB, Bart Desmidt and Jan Verleye wanted to create a new type of chocolate where you could enjoy a dessert from a Michelin star restaurant in one bite of their chocolate.

    Each chocolate bar has a unique flavour to it and one bite will start a beautiful harmony in your mouth (yes I just said that they’re just THAT good). Normally, Belgian chocolate is made in beautiful shapes like sea shells or animals but in order to have the people concentrate on the flavour instead of the aesthetics of the chocolate itself, BbyB chocolate is made in a simple stick form that is the same for all flavours.


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    The BbyB chocolates come in three types of packaging and 28 different flavours.


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    The sleeves are each 1300 yen with five sticks of chocolate within each one.


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    The collections are each 2600 yen and contain 10 sticks of chocolate. There are four collection types: the Chef’s Favorites Collection, the Golden Collection, The Classic Collection and the Black Collection.


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    The boxes each contain 5 sleeves each and cost 6500 yen. There are five box types: Favorites of the Chef Box, the Golden Box, the Classic Box, the Black Box and the Japan Box.


    #03 Dark Chocolate/ Rhubarb/ Violet

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    #05 Dark Chocolate/ Cherries/ Lemon

    Paint Swatches10

    #07 Dark Chocolate/ Raspberry

    Paint Swatches12

    #08 Milk Chocolate/ Seculoos/ Orange

    Paint Swatches13

    #09 Milk Chocolate/ Passion Fruit

    Paint Swatches14

    #14 Dark Chocolate/ Cherries/ Cinnamon

    Paint Swatches15

    #15 Milk Chocolate/ Babelutte/ Hazelnut

    Paint Swatches16

    #19 Dark Chocolate/ Babelutte/ Apple

    Paint Swatches17

    #23 Milk Chocolate/ Babelutte/ Coffee

    Paint Swatches18

    #25 Dark Chocolate/ Strawberry/ Pepper/ Lemon

    Paint Swatches19

    #27 Dark Chocolate/ Star Anise/ Honey

    Paint Swatches20

    #28 Dark Chocolate/ Macademia

    Paint Swatches21

    #36 Dark Chocolate/ Nougat

    Paint Swatches22

    #38 Milk Chocolate/ Strawberry

    Paint Swatches23

    #41 Dark Chocolate/ Cherries/ Pistachio

    Paint Swatches24

    #42 Dark Chocolate/ Raspberry/ Lemon

    Paint Swatches25

    #48 Dark Chocolate/ Ginger

    Paint Swatches26

    #56 Dark Chocolate/ Yuzu/ Wasabi

    Paint Swatches27

    #58 Dark Chocolate/ Babelutte/ Seasalt

    Paint Swatches28

    #63 White Chocolate/ Passion Fruit/ Basil

    Paint Swatches29

    #64 White Chocolate/ Raspberry/ Roses

    Paint Swatches30

    #71 White Chocolate/ Strawberry/ Samba Tea

    Paint Swatches31

    #84 White Chocolate/ Hazelnut/ Coffee

    Paint Swatches32

    #96 Dark Chocolate/ Babelutte/ Miso

    Paint Swatches33

    #98 Milk Chocolate/ Cherries

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    There are a few ingredients in there that I am definitely not familiar with. Did you recognise all of them? Can someone tell me what babelutte and seculoos are? Personally as a white chocolate lover, I would really love some of the white chocolate/ hazelnut/ coffee chocolate.


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    Unfortunately, there is only one BbyB store in Japan and that is the one that I mentioned earlier in Ginza. It is open from 11AM to 8PM every day but on Sundays and national holidays, the store closes at 7PM. Luckily, if you’re thinking “oh I am nowhere near Ginza” you can buy their chocolate at the online store link.

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    Not only does the BbyB store sell chocolate, but in the back of the shop there is a cafe where you can enjoy their chocolate along with coffee and wine and other desserts.



    • Babelutte Ice Cream
    • Babelutte Drink
    • Flemish Waffle
    • Chef Choco Granite (take out only)

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    • Madeira
    • Espresso
    • Cappuccino
    • Americano
    • Iced Americano
    • Iced Caffe Latte
    • Orezza

    Would you like to stay in Ginza? Check out all the hotels in the area here!

    BbyB Ginza Website*Automatic translation

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