How about wearing some high quality clothes that were made by Japanese artisans?

  • As can be seen from the fact that people through the ages have worn beautiful kimonos, there are many textile artisans in Japan.
    This time we will introduce a shop where you can actually purchase products that show off the skills of these artisans.

    The shop, which has a calm atmosphere, is in an old Tsukishima home that was built about 90 years ago and has been renovated.
    After graduating from fashion college, the owner of the shop specialized in the study of fashion media while at an arts college in London where students who aspire to be fashion designers gather.
    After returning to Japan, the shop owner visited textile-related factories in 250 locations around Japan, including spinning mills, dye works, and garment factories, etc., making a direct connection with local artisans and designers to produce items on a commercial basis.

    Currently the shop owner leads a life of visiting textile factories in 10 or more locations per month, with the shop as a base for a showroom and a community space that is only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
    The shop introduces items from all over Japan.

    The showroom is a relaxing Japanese-style room. Starting mainly with textile items, it also displays leather goods, and containers, etc., from every region in Japan. Everything feels like it is the handiwork of artisans.

    Shirts with the name of the artisan on them are popular.
    The long-sleeved cotton shirt(24,150JPY) in the photo on the left is a classic popular item.
    From beginning to end, the names of the artisans who are involved in the making of the clothes are introduced, including the weavers, dyers, sewers, designers, and pattern makers.
    With a standard type, it is possible to utilize it in any kind of fashion.

    In addition, it is a place where everyone can easily gather; enjoying coffee during the day, or in the evening tasting reasonably priced Oden (a kind of Japanese hot pot), and Japanese sake (locally brewed sake).

    Shop name:Sekori so
    Japanese notation:セコリ荘
    Hours:Fri. 17:00~22:00 / Sat. Sun 13:00~22:00
    Holiday:Mon. 〜 Thu.