Gekidan Shiki Lion King Show celebrates 10,000th performance!

  • From its first show in 1998, 16 years, seven months and 10 million guests later, the Gekidan Shiki rendition of the Disney classic Lion King number of performances has reached 10000 on July 15th. This is a feat never achieved by any other theatre production here in Japan. Lion King has been shown at five Gekidan Shiki theatres throughout Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya and Sapporo.

    After the 10000th show, the cast had a special edition curtain call performance featuring some of the most popular songs that were voted by the audience in advance.


    If you do not know the story of Lion King (seriously though, if you don’t, I suggest you go and watch the original Disney musical right away, you’re pretty much missing out on life), it is the story of a young prince lion named Simba who was born in the Pride Lands of Africa. He is cast out of the land by his cruel uncle Scar, who claims that Simba had killed his father. Scar then begins to rule the throne while Simba grows up in the savannah with his two friends, Timone and Pumba who teach him the Hakuna Matata philosophy (=no worries for the rest of your days). But one day his past comes back o haunt him and he must determine his fate: will he remain an outcast or face his demons and save the Pride Lands from his uncle?

    Gekidan Shiki

    The Gekidan Shiki rendition of the Lion King is on an enormous scale. The production company did an amazing job recreating the Lion King’s atmosphere on a stage.

    Along with the amazing performance, there is also limited edition Lion King merchandise that is available for purchase at the theatre. From key holders to tee shirts, there are various limited edition items that I highly recommend!

    You can also purchase limited edition Gekidan Shiki items at their online store here.*Automatic translation
    Gekidan Shiki has a long list of current shows including; Aladdin, Wicked, Cats, the Phantom of the Opera, Beauty and the Beast, the Sound of Music and the Little Mermaid.
    You can reserve your tickets here.*Automatic translation

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