Arashi the Japanese Pop Idol Group Decided to Suspend Activities at the End of 2020?!

  • Japan is now shaken by the news regarding Arashi, the popular J-pop Band that belongs to Johnny’s Entertainment. The Japanese boy band shocked the fans with their announcement made on Sunday about the band taking a break at the end of 2020.

    In the conference held in Tokyo, the leader of the five member group, Satoshi Ohno, affirmed that he told the members he wants to leave freely and end the activities as a band, around middle of June, 2017 and after discussing with the others, they decided that the date they will go on hiatus is going to be end of 2020.

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    The Press Conference and Ohno`s Decision

    Ohno, now 38 years old, says he kept thinking about it for three years now and his decision is only getting stronger. He affirms he wants to lead a normal life and starts the conference by saying: ”I would like to end the activities as Arashi. I don’t really have anything concrete planned from now on but I just want to try living freely without being bound to anything.

    Starting from 2021, the other members will continue with solo activities while Ono will take a break for the time being.
    Three years ago, when the members were told about his desire to live freely, not as an idol, but just as a normal person, the band recalls everyone being shocked of his confession.

    After that,the members kept discussing this matter several times and ended up reporting it to the office last year, in February.
    The suspension of activity was decided in June, same year. Originally Ohno thought about leaving Johnny & Associates, but the members proposed “a break for now “, reason why it became a suspension instead of disbanding.

    Let`s smile until the end” was the decision the members came up with and Ohno affirms that he he feels sorry towards the members because of his decision to be a normal person, but he is grateful that he was a part of Arashi.

    Kazuya Ninomiya, one of the band`s members emphasizes that ”嵐は5人で嵐”(Arashi wa Go Nin de Arashi)- “Arashi is a band with five people”.
    Matsumoto Jun, was questioned whether he felt any disagreement regarding Ohno`s decision, but he promptly answered “Not at all!”.

    Matsumoto also explains that it would take time to understand the situation, reason why they chose to make the announcement now.
    Sakurai Sho affirmed that taking the necessary time to express their feelings of gratitude towards the sponsors and those involved is part of their sincerity.

    Let`s get to know more about Arashi

    After their debut in November 1999, each member gained popularity and the band has grown into a representative idol group in Japan. It has great influence on fans not only from Japan, but from all around the world and is one of the best-selling bands in Japan, having their songs on their Oricon charts and they are also gaining a lot of fame as they have been active not only as a group, but also individually, in music, commercials, movies, dramas and TV shows.

    They are one of the most beloved bands over the world , they are selling million of copies and always making it to the top charts, therefore their suspension as a band will be a big minus in the economy, too.

    The Members of Arashi

    Arashi is a group of 5 members: the leader, Satoshi Ohno, Kazunari Ninomiya, Sho Sakurai, Jun Matsumoto and Masaki Aiba.

    Satoshi Ohno


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    Ohno, now 38, was born on November 26th,1980 in Mitaka, Tokyo and became a trainee in October 1994 after his mother sent an application to Johnny & Associates without telling him and he got back a reply and an invitation to audition.

    He is not only a singer, but a great actor, too. His first starring role was in a Japanese Drama, Maou and since then, he obtained many good roles in numerous films and dramas.

    Matsumoto Jun

    Matsumoto Jun is now 35 years old and was born on 30th of August, 1983 in Toshima,Tokyo.
    His decision to join the company was influenced by his older sister that was a fan of Kinki Kids.
    Matsumoto Jun or MatsuJun(nickname) is one of the elites and has had many starring roles in successful dramas and movies during his career (one example would be Hanayori Dango where he co-starred along Inoue Mao and Oguri Shun, two famous names in the acting world, especially here, in Japan). He is a singer, radio host, actor,model, dancer and even concertmaster.

    Kazunari Ninomiya

    Ninomiya, also called Nino(ニノ), was born in Katsushika, Tokyo on 17th of June,1983 so he is now 35. He is a songwriter, actor, seiyuu(voice actor) , radio host and presenter.

    One movie famous abroad that he was starred in is Letters from Iwo Jima, a Japanese- American war film, by Clint Eastwood where he co-starred along Ken Watanabe.

    Ninomiya joined the company at the age of 13 and has received many nominations and awards for his roles.

    Masaki Aiba

    Masaki Aiba, born in Hanamigawa, Chiba on 24th December,1982 is now 36 years old.
    He is not only a singer, but as all the other members, he also an actor and radio host.

    He is also a TV personality and a very good dancer. He decided to enter the agency after seeing the TV Show Ai Love SMAP where the SMAP members were playing basketball and without knowing exactly what the agency was about, he decided to join just so he`ll get to play a match with SMAP.

    Sho Sakurai

    Sakurai was born in Maebashi, Gunma on 25rg of January, 1982 and he is a singer rapper, actor,newscaster,TV host and songwriter. He joined the agency at the age of 13 years old and despite joining Arashi, he also continued his studies at Keio University and obtained a B.A. in Economy.

    Fans` Reaction after the News


    Hearing the news about the band going on hiatus, many fans were of course, shocked as no one expected it to happen and I believe we were all taken by surprise.
    In Taiwan, “fans are crying and cannot believe it “ is what a Taiwanese newspaper says.

    As they were part of many people’s lives and youths, many fans are startled by this situation and feel extremely sad that they won’t get to see the 5 members performing together from now on.

    Official Report from Johnny & Associates regarding Arashi


    Author’s photo

    We are officially announcing that Arashi will suspend their activities starting from 31st of December, 2020.
    To those who have warmly supported Arashi and kept doing so for 20 years, to our fans that kept cheering us on, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

    Ohno Satoshi’s feelings are the reason that led to this conclusion and that is “suspending Arashi’s activities”.

    Ohno confessed his feelings to the members and company around June 2017, stating that is time for them to walk different paths; following his words, the company and members talked to him about the matter before making an official announcement to the world.

    During the discussion and all this period, there were arguments that even provoked us pain, but we have arrived at a conclusion:”Arashi will be go on hiatus and the members will follow their own paths”.

    The members feelings that “Arashi means 5 people” are strong between all members and that was one of the factors that lead to the current conclusion.

    We take this opportunity to inform our fans, the people affiliated with our company, our sponsors that have been supporting us for 20 years now about the decision taken.

    The 2 years until the suspension are so that Arashi will be Arashi until the end and make this time a precious time for everyone supporting us, spending time as much as possible with you and take this opportunity to show our gratitude for everything until now.

    I would like to thank all of you that encouraged and have been together with them until now, also, as you are all very important to us, we will continue offering the best performance until the time of suspension,2 years from now, 2020.

    From now on too, please continue supporting Arashi and its members: Satoshi Ohno, Sho Sakurai, Masaki Aiba, Kazunari Ninomiya, Jun Matsumoto and continue watching over them.

    January 27,
    Co., Ltd Johnny

    A few words from Arashi’s five members

    Satoshi Ohno


    Author’s photo

    On June, 2017, I gathered all the members and talked to them about my thoughts and feelings.

    The content of the discussion was that I want to stop the activities as Arashi by 2020.

    In 2020, there will be our 20 years together as Arashi, so maybe time has come for each of us to walk their own paths. It might be a selfish request, but I would like to experience living a free life without being tied to anything.

    After my statement, we have talked several times, each of us saying their opinions on the matter.
    As a result, we decided to go on hiatus from 2020.

    Each of us have their opinions and with that in mind, we decided to work hard in the time we have left as a group.

    I know the announcement is too sudden and I deeply apologize to all of you, fans and everyone who have continued to support Arashi up to this day.

    The gratitude I feel towards all of you is something that cannot be expressed into words.
    I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

    In the remaining time until 2020, we would like to fulfill our mission to you all.

    January 27,2019

    Satoshi Ohno

    Sho Sakurai


    Author’s photo

    In June,2017, we started the discussion.
    We’ve meet each other several times and the 5 of us talked a lot regarding it.

    Around June,2018.

    Thoughts of each of Arashi’s precious members that have been walking the same path for 20 years now.

    Different thoughts and feelings from each of us have lead somehow to the current conclusion.

    I want us to be Arashi until the end.
    I want to lock up Arashi in a treasure chest.

    These are my feelings now.

    I couldn’t even imagine this when we first debuted in 1999.

    Numerous fans, people involved, the staff are here for us.

    Allowed me the privilege to see countless dreams.
    Lead me to tons of places and allowed me to see so many beautiful landscapes.


    Author’s photo

    Thank you.

    My heart is full of gratitude that can’t be put into words, so from now on I will take the time to express my feelings to all of you.

    January 27,2019

    Sho Sakurai

    Masaki Aiba


    Author’s photo

    Each of us has strong feelings that Arashi is a 5 members team, so if we miss one or two members I personally thought it is hard to continue as a group.
    I love Arashi.
    If is Arashi, I feel that anything is possible.

    It did take a while until everything settled down, but we have finally come to an agreement.
    By no means does it mean our relationship got bad or anything.
    Coming closer to our 20 year anniversary together as a group, our relationship and bond has become stronger than ever.

    Getting to meet the four members is something I am really grateful for.

    To all of you that have cheered us on, thank you very much!

    In addition to that, when we will do our best to provide the best performance as a group of 5 people in the remaining time.

    January 27,2019

    Masaki Aiba

    Kazunari Ninomiya


    Author’s photo

    The first time I heard it I was surprised.
    Because I couldn’t even imagine it.
    However, as we have discussed several time about it, we came to a resolution that all have agreed on, that of a break.

    Arashi is Arashi with 5 people.
    In order to spend the rest of the time in Arashi’s style, all of us 5 will keep working hard as a team until 2020.

    For the concerned parties, we’re still counting on you.

    Also, our dear fans,

    We are Arashi forever.

    January 27,2019

    Kazunari Ninomiya

    Jun Matsumoto


    Author’s photo

    After repeated discussion, it led us to this decision.

    Until 2020, we will work hard together.

    Also, in order to make fun memories with you,our fans, we’ll be doing our best everyday.
    That’s the way I feel.

    The reason why we have chosen this time to announce it to our fans and everyone involved is because, after thinking of it, we agreed that time is needed to accept our resolution.

    Also, after properly announcing our decision, we also want to face forward and continue our activities.

    From now on, including 2020, we want to take our time to express our feelings of gratitude to all of you that have given us so much support.

    As the 5 of us will be doing our best, we sincerely hope you’ll continue cheering up on us.

    January 27,2019

    Jun Matsumoto

    You can find the information about the above report regarding Arashi’s decision of taking a break on Johnny’s Net Official Website, the company’s official Website (Japanese Only).

    Are you a fan of Arashi? How do you feel about the sudden announcement?
    Comment down below and let us know your opinion.

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