Osaka Naomi Splits Up with Her Coach Bajin?! Also the Truth About Osaka Family and the Tears Behind

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  • Osaka Naomi has succeeded in winning the Australian Open and also defeated Serena Williams at the US Open Women Singles on 8th of September and that made her the first female winning two Grand Slam Titles born in Japan.
    After the match, she rushed to her mother, Tamaki, in tears and quickly hugged her.
    However, there is a hidden meaning behind her tears. Let`s find out more about her past and the hurdles Osaka family went through.

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    The Australian Open Champion Osaka Naomi

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    Words can’t describe this feeling.

    Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみさん(@naomiosakatennis)がシェアした投稿 –

    Our Japanese Star, Osaka Naomi is the first woman since 2001 to win two Grand Slam titles.
    After she beat Serena Williams and won her first Grand Slam in the 2018 US Open, she got the second one right after and became the first Asian player to reach Number 1 in Singles.
    She is currently the World’s Number 1 as she jumped to the 1st spot from the 4th place by winning in the Australian Open.

    Osaka Naomi Gets Rid of Her Coach Sascha Bajin

    Changing coaches in the world of tennis isn’t that rare. Also, Osaka is known to have worked with a couple of coaches before Sascha despite her relatively short career. According to Nikkan Sports (Japanese Only), during the Australian Open there might have been some tension between her coach, Sascha Bajin and Naomi and it is confirmed that they would practice together on some occasions and sometimes it would only be a brief practice.

    Osaka affirmed before that her mental improvement is also thanks to Sascha saying during the Wuhan Open that “Since I was working with [Bajin] — and I tend to be a bit negative on myself — I feel like I’ve gotten a little bit more optimistic … I fight myself a lot, so he’s sort of been, like, the peacemaker.”

    The news about her splitting with her coach turned into people gossiping about it and there are a few rumors such as conspiracies involving Serena or a dose of celebrity virus, an affirmation made by the Guardian.
    The reason why Osaka-Bajin split up is unknown for now, but it is sure causing a ruckus around the sports world.

    The Tearful Past

    Her mother’s birthplace is in Nemuro, a city in Hokkaido and currently her grandfather, Osaka Tetsuo lives there.
    Her mother had a difficult time after she met Leonard François, her husband.
    Naomi’s grandfather couldn’t approve of Tamaki’s relationship with the Haitian man, therefore she leaves her hometown and moves to Osaka together with François where she gives birth to Naomi and her sister, Mari.
    For ten years since she married, she had absolutely no connection with her family.

    The strong bond between Naomi and her mother

    Naomi’s bond with her mother is very strong and the player affirms in an interview that her mother has sacrificed a lot of things for her. Naomi’s mother coming to watch her match is a great thing, our tennis player jokingly saying that usually she doesn’t do that and also expresses her gratitude towards her mother.

    Osaka Family and the Hardships they’ve been through


    We got the swag sauce, we dripping swagu 👯‍♀️

    大坂なおみ(@naomiosaka)がシェアした投稿 –

    Osaka Naomi was born in Osaka on October,16th 1997.
    Her mother is Tamaki Osaka(47 years old) and she is Japanese and her father is Leonard François, an American citizen born in Haiti.

    Her grandfather, Osaka Tetsuo(73 years old) is the chief of Nemuro’s fishery cooperative and her mother, although born in Nemuro, a port-city located in the Hokkaido region, in high school she went for studies in Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido where she met her husband, around 1990.

    She was then a 19 years old lady and he was a handsome man that studied at a University in New York before coming to Japan. They started dating, but kept it secret from Tamaki’s parents for a few years.

    The reason they did that is because he was from Haiti and at that time there weren’t many black people in Hokkaido, so they were afraid that their relationship won’t be accepted that easily.
    Her father didn’t know she was dating someone, so at some point he decides to find a partner for his daughter. Being told about the matchmaking, they decide to tell him about their relationship. However, as they expected, it didn’t go well and her father was opposed to it.
    They decided to move to Osaka and there, she had Naomi and her older sister.

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    Dad 😩😂

    Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみさん(@naomiosakatennis)がシェアした投稿 –

    When Naomi was 3 years old,because of their father work, they took the girls and emigrated to America.
    In 2006, they moved to Florida where the girls got surrounded by a tennis environment and they were homeschooled. They were learning at night and during the day they would focus on tennis.

    Naomi’s mother tried hard to restore the relationship with her family and have the girls meet their grandparents. However, her father,although he showed interest in the girls, still opposed to them being homeschooled and playing tennis, saying that you can’t make a living out of it.

    I’ll prove you wrong

    However, Naomi proved that she can make a living out of tennis. After winning the Championship, she called her grandfather from New York and said to him: “I did it”.
    Mr.Tetsuo affirms that he didn’t expect that to happen and he is very happy for his niece.
    He has been watching Naomi since she was 12 and he noticed how she matured during all this year as a player, being able now to keep her concentration, one of the reasons that helped her in winning the tournament, he says.
    However, he also tells the press that he wants her to be a modest player and not get arrogant.
    The girl’s talent and efforts had a big role in slowly getting the family together and making her grandfather approve of Tamaki’s choice.
    The hardships her parents went through are now paid off by Naomi’s hard work and you can see that her parents did a great job in raising her.

    We will continue supporting Naomi and we are looking forward to see more of her wonderful plays.

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