The Japanese Old Woman that Raises Ducks: PET or FOOD?! Caring or Animal Cruelty?!

  • This Monday, on the Japanese TV Show 月曜から夜ふかし(Getsuyou kara Yofukashi), in the Investigation Section, people sent a request to the staff in order to investigate it further.
    The request was about an Old Woman that has an unusual pet: a duck.

    The duck always follows the old woman on the streets of Tokyo and seems very attached to the woman. However, people are wondering why a duck as a pet…

    You will probably think is outrageous when you find out the reason and get to know the whole situation, but if your ready to take it on, stay with me a bit more and let’s find out!

    Before starting, however, I would like to say a few words about Getsuyou Kara Yofukashi in order to understand how they got to know about this particular case.

    by cinnamonellie

    Getsuyou Kara Yofukashi or the Monday Night Late Show

    Getsuyou Kara Yofukashi is a Japanese Variety Show that offers a sarcastic reflection of the society in Japan. A daily show of this country that has edgy comedy, realism and shows you a part of Japan you probably didn’t know it exists.

    The two hosts of the show are Murakami Shingo, one of Kanjani8’s members, a Jpop group that belongs to Johnnys Entertainment and Matsuko Deluxe, a cross dressing personality that is always straight-forward and usually says her thoughts out loud, full of sarcasm and dark humor, dirty jokes, sometimes even sounding a bit harsh. Despite that, I admire Matsuko for who she is.

    The show has its focus on different problems, issues around Japan, local news, usually full of many strange and crazy stories(like the scary old lady that in fact is not that scary and is just dancing, her dance moves looking less scarier on Yonezu Kenshi`s Flamingo song or the Horse Guy whose wish is to become a Visual Kei Singer but his face doesn`t help him much so he ended up wearing a mask), sometimes hilarious, sometimes so unusual that gives you the shivers knowing that is real and it does happen here in Japan.
    Personally, I find the show very interesting and many of the Japanese people love it, too and it is something different from what you usually see on TV here.

    The Duck Lady- Lili and the Grandma

    Our duck is called リリー(Lili),a 5 years old male duck.
    The old lady walks with the duck everyday and the duck seems to be very attached to her,too.
    Lili probably thinks the woman is his mother as she took care of him since he was born, therefore he follows her everywhere she goes.

    But, why a Duck?


    Usually people have dogs, cats , hamsters as pets, so being asked why a duck, she gave the staff a shocking answer: Ducks are the best ingredient! There’s nothing more delicious than duck meat!
    She then, started to say that the duck’s tongue is pink while torturing poor Lili to show the staff its colour and continued with: frying it is simply delicious!

    She took the ducks’ paws and started saying that they are an amazing source of collagen, a very high-rated ingredient.

    In fact, the woman loves duck so much that she even cooks it by herself at home…

    Cooks the ducks in front of Lili!

    She cuts the duck’s throat, cooks it and eats in front of Lili while he is watching how his friends are being murdered.
    Regarding this matter, before Lili, the woman had another duck.
    She said that she would hold him in her arms and say to him “I will eat you when you die”.
    However, the woman wasn’t sure when that day will be and she kept wondering when she should cut him..

    Will she eat Lili too?!

    a goose being killed

    The staff asked her if she’s planning on eating Lili, as well but the old lady said Lili doesn’t look that appetizing, so maybe not too soon.

    The staff prayed that Lili will never look appetizing to her and said goodbye to Lili and the old woman.

    Ducks are simply adorable and for an animal that is so attached to you that doesn’t leave your side at all, how can you even think of eating it or murder their friends in front of them?!

    How do you feel about this?

    *Featured Image: Fotolia

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