Her Imperial Highness Princess Kako of Japan

  • Imperial Family still exists under the Yamato Dynasty in Japan. This is the family of Japan’s Emperor whose task is to unite the Japanese people. The reigning emperor of Japan is Emperor Akihito. He has a son named Prince Fumihito. The prince married Princess Kiko. They had a beautiful family of 2 daughters and a son. One of their daughters is Princess Kako (佳子内親王). She’s an adorable and cute princess who’s well-loved by the people because of her poised nature and beauty.

    Born on December 1994, Princess Kako is currently 20 years old. She’s actually very good in English. In 2013, she passed the entrance exam of Gakushuin University, but is currently studying at the Christian University in Tokyo. She is very popular among the Japanese.

    Princess Personality


    The princess has an obsessive nature of an achiever. She can go the distance so as to reach her goals. She has a strong will and ambition. She may look subtle but deep inside her is a burning desire to be reaching her goals relentlessly. She will never tell you her intentions until you become close to her.

    Figure Skater

    Princess Kako is very skillful. She even competed in figure skating in 2007. By nature, she’s always been competitive. In the sports she also had to learn how to stop comparing herself with others. Because of her endurance, she is able to overcome a lot of difficulties coming her way. She doesn’t complain but can do overwork. People frequently advise her to give herself some rest to prevent herself from exhaustion.


    As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect,” Princess Kako is known for aiming for nothing but the best. In everything she does she focuses on perfecting it.