Ariana Grande’s Tattoo 7 Rings”七輪”: Meaning and What Does Japan Say About It?!

  • Ariana Grande’s New tattoo is a hot topic recently and Japanese people are also gossiping about it.
    Her two Japanese characters 七輪 (ShichiRin) on the palm of her hand had appeared on her Instagram, however instead of spelling out the word “7 rings”, it became “Small BBQ Grill” due to an ink error.

    by cinnamonellie

    Who is Ariana Grande?

    The American singer, songwriter and actress, Ariana Grande was born on 26th of June, 1993 in Florida.
    She started her career in 2008 in a Broadway Musical called 13. Her debut album”Yours Truly”, was released in 2013 and debuted in the US Billboard 200 album chart as number one. The album was mainly influenced by 60s doo-wop and 90s R&B.

    Grande’s vocal range was compared to Mariah Carey`s and she has won 3 MTV Europe Music Awards, 3 American Music Awards, had 6 nomination for Grammy, two music video awards and is currently one of the most influential people in the world.

    Ariana’s new tattoo

    On January 29, Grande posted a picture with her new tattoo on Instagram.
    The tattoo Ariana Grande made to commemorate her new album has become breaking news all over the world, including Japan.
    However, after fans pointed out that 七輪 is different than 七つの指輪(Nanatsu no yubiwa-7 rings) and it actually means “Japanese BBQ”, she deleted her posts.

    Ariana`s Response

    After fans pointed it out she tweeted that she left out “つの指” that should’ve been between because it was too painful.

    She went to fix the tattoo, but again, it didn’t turn out too well as it became “Japanese BBQ finger”.
    But hey, maybe that is what she was going for?

    Fixed the tattoo by adding more kanji

    People criticized her saying that “Getting a Kanji tattoo without understanding its meaning means she doesn’t really respect the Japanese culture“.

    In reply to the criticism, Ms. Grande said that all her actions come from love and respect and she embraces any advice, saying thanks to her fans.
    On the 30th, she released a photo with her revised tattoo that now had the kanji for “finger” and a heart symbol included.

    What does Japan say about it?

    The official Twitter account of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee(Tokyo 2020) showed an unexpected reaction to her tattoo.

    They couldn’t stay quiet when they saw her post,so they replied 「七輪じゃなくて…」/”Not Shichirin..”(Not Small charcoal grill) regarding Grande’s new tattoo with a picture that looked like Ariana’s, but had the Kanji for Olympics instead of “Japanese BBQ” written on it.

    The picture with a hand and the kanji for Olympics 五輪 (Gorin), kanji that look similar to 七輪(Shichirin) was sent in response to Grande.

    The post was retweeted by many people becoming a big fuss in Japan.

    Also, various replies such as “She says she loves Japan so is rude towards Ariana”, “I find it really funny “ , “It seems she is affected about it, so at least don’t tag her“.

    The fans seem to side with Ariana here in Japan and most appreciate the fact that she is interested in the Japanese culture.


    Japanese language can be difficult and even some people in Japan find it hard dealing with Kanji.
    Also, as she already seems affected by this matter, I believe that people should be a bit more understanding.
    What is your opinion? Comment it below and share your thoughts with us.

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