The five tallest towers of Japan!

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  • 1. Tokyo tower

    Tokyo tower is located near the Zojoji temple, Tokyo and is one of the tallest structures of Japan. It is a television and radio broadcasting structure with a height of 333 meters. It was completed in 1958, and was listed as the tallest steel tower in the world. The steel structure of the tower which was modeled based on the Eiffel tower, and painted in vermilion, along with its height attracts the visitors from afar.


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    There are shops, restaurants and more situated in the tower building. The lowest floor has a wax museum. Visitors can go up to the observation deck situated at the heights of 150m and 250m, from there, the panoramic view of the entire Tokyo city can be enjoyed. It is said that on clear days, even Mt.Fuji can be seen from the topmost observation deck. As the city is covered in skyscrapers and buildings, the broadcasting from this tower became difficult. The night time illumination of the tower is really awesome.

    2. Tokyo Sky tree


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    Tokyo sky tree was actually built with the intention of resolving the problems of broadcasting issues associated with the Tokyo tower. It was built in 2012 with a height of 634 meters. It is the second tallest structure and tower of the world. It is situated in Sumida city, Tokyo. The lower station of the tower has shopping complexes, aquarium, restaurants, coffee shops and more. There are two observation decks and they are the tallest observation decks in Japan. The lowest floor has a glass flooring through which we can see the foot of the sky tree tower. The tickets for the observation decks are sold at the 4th floor. The observation decks are 350meter and 450meter heigh. The Tembo deck at 350meters with glass windows on all the sides gives you a 360-degree panoramic view of the entire city. The middle floor has restaurants and souvenir shops. The Tembo gallery at 450meters has the highest skywalks in the world with spiral steel stairs surrounding the sky tree tower. The glass structures on the floors allow the visitors have a great view of the area. It became one of the most crowded areas of Tokyo sice the end of construction.

    3. Nagoya TV tower


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    Situated in Hisaya Odori Koen, Sakae, this 180m television tower is the oldest broadcasting tower of Japan. This television tower has a structure similar to Tokyo tower. This tower and the surroundings were designated as the lover’s Sanctuary in 2008. It has two observation decks: 90m and 100m high. The 5th floor of the tower has shops and restaurants. The first floor is the tower’s square. The 3rd floor is the sky terminal from where the tickets for the observation decks can be bought. The observation decks open the view of the entire Nagoya city and its surroundings.

    4. Kyoto tower

    Kyoto tower is situated very near Kyoto station with a height of 131 meters. It is the tallest structure of Kyoto and is situated above a nine-storey building holding hotels, shops and an onsen. There is an observation deck situated at 100m and a spire is located at 131m. The view of the entire Kyoto city, as well as a good portion of Osaka, can be enjoyed from the observation deck of the tower.

    5. Fukuoka beach tower

    It is the tallest beach tower of Japan with a height of 234m. Situated in Momochihama area of Fukuoka, it has a glorious appearance with a triangular cross section and a number of half mirrors in it. It is called the Mirror Sail. There are three observation decks; at 116m, 120m and 123m. The highest among these decks are situated on the fifth floor of the structure and gives a nice panoramic view of the area, including the sea and the beach.

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