Eye of the Storm and One OK Rock’s Collaboration with Ed Sheeran in His Divide Tour 2019

  • The Japanese Band One Ok Rock officially announced that they’ll be joining Ed Sheeran in his Divide Tour in April, 2019 as the opening act, the members declaring they are excited to take part in this tour along the English Singer.

    His album, (÷) / “Divide” had its release date in 2017 and was such a great hit that debuted at No.1 in UK and many other major markets.
    The hits included in the album,such as “Shape of You” broke records in several countries and the album had so much popularity that it became the best-selling album in 2017 and that is worldwide !

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    Ed Sheeran’s Divide Tour 2019

    Edward Christopher Sheeran is a famous British singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and actor and whenever he comes up on stage he arms up with his guitar and the microphone and delivers his fans the greatest performance.

    The English Singer has committed fans all over the world, including the Japanese Archipelago and he has performed numerous shows across the world. Currently, fans here are excited that he also included Japan his 2019 tour, his tickets being sold out immediately.

    I am one of those people who kept refreshing the page in hope to purchase a ticket and get to listen him live at the Tokyo Dome.

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    You can check the dates and places of the tour on his Official Website and if you hurry, you might still get an opportunity to hear him live.

    Collaboration with the members of One Ok Rock

    The famous Japanese rock band officially announced on social media they will appear in the opening act of Ed Sheeran’s tour and came out as a nice surprise for everyone.

    One Ok Rock formed of Takahiro Moriuchi , Toru Yamashita, Ryota Kohama and Tomoya Kanki started out as a band in 2005, Tokyo and gained a lot of popularity during their career , also collaborating with famous singers and band such as Simple Plan or Avril Lavigne (Avril’s sister, Michelle is also married with Ryota, the band’s bassist).

    The name of One Ok Rock comes from one o’clock and they have been singing various genres during their career ranging from alternative rock to post-hardcore and pop rock.

    Their songs is a mix of English and Japanese lyrics and people listening them for the first time would even mistake the band for an American one. The meaningful lyrics together with the unique and empowering sound , technique and captivating atmosphere they create have their audience going crazy during their performances.

    One OK Rock’s New Album “Eye Of The Storm”

    The Japanese rock band has released a new album on 13th of February, 2019 in Japan that is supported by three singles: “Change”, “Stand Out Fit In” and “Wasted Nights”.
    Eye of the storm is the 9th studio album by them and along with the album they also announced an European Tour to come.

    You can see more details on their Official Website regarding the tour dates and their new album, including the collaboration with Ed Sheeran.

    Both Ed Sheeran and One Ok Rock have numerous fans across the world and Japan is no exception. Everyone is looking forward to seeing Ed and hearing his soothing voice and all are excited for some crazy atmosphere along the British Singer and the members of One Ok Rock that will join his Asian Leg of “Divide Tour”.

    So, who’s coming?